Dying Terry Lubbock pleads with those at Michael Barrymore's party to 'tell the truth' over his son Stuart's death

TERRY Lubbock has made an emotional deathbed appeal for Michael Barrymore and his pool party guests to “tell the truth”.

The dad of 'murder' victim Stuart Lubbock – who was found floating in the Strike it Lucky host's pool in 2001 – is feared to have just days or hours left to live.

In a last ditch attempt to see justice for his son before he cancer-stricken grandad Terry, 76, posted a picture of himself bed-bound and begged the party guests to help him.

Terry wrote: “Michael Barrymore and all the Pool Party guests this may be your last chance while I'm am still here to tell me the truth on the events of 31 March 2001 that lead to the rape and murder of my son Stuart Lubbock.

“I urge you to come clean and tell the truth to the Police.”

Barrymore, 67, has continuously denied any wrongdoing and says he has given cops all the information he has. 

Asked last year if he had anything fresh to offer the police, he replied: "I honestly wish I did."

A close pal of Terry – who has campaigned for justice for 20 years – said: “It says everything about Terry that he’s just not giving up.

“Even as he’s clinging to life his thoughts are still of his sons and getting justice for Stuart.

“It’s dominated his life and it would mean everything to him to get a breakthrough in his final hours.”

The Sun has backed Terry’s fight for justice offering to double Crimestoppers’ £20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction to £40,000.

The devoted dad's emotional appeal comes after The Sun revealed Barrymore has again spoken to cops over the incident.

It is understood the fallen TV star voluntarily met with Essex Police officers at an undisclosed location last week.

His ex-agent, Mike Browne, said: “The police asked us if we had anything new that might have come to mind in the last 20 years but we don’t.

"Everything we know we’ve said."

The ex-Celebrity Big Brother contestant has still not been seen in public since a man, 50, was arrested on suspicion of rape and murder last month.

Barrymore is one of eight revellers at the 1991 party who cops believe hold the key to solving the sexual assault and murder of dad-of-two Stuart.

The other seven guests have not made a public statement about the case other than testimony at the inquest into Lubbock's death.

Stuart was found lifeless on March 31, 2001, in the pool of Barrymore's house at Roydon, Essex.

A post-mortem examination showed he had suffered severe internal injuries which suggested he had been sexually assaulted.

Barrymore, now 68, was arrested in 2007 but never charged with any offence.

He subsequently sued Essex Police, and claimed a wrongful arrest had cost him about £2.5m in lost earnings.

He won on a technicality and the Court of Appeal judges concluded he should get nominal damages.

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