Friend 'who murdered pal by cutting baby from her womb' had 'FAKED pregnancy and photographed victim's wedding'

THE woman who has been accused of killing her friend and cutting her baby from her womb reportedly faked her own pregnancy and photographed the victim’s wedding.

Taylor Parker, 27, was arrested last Friday for allegedly murdering Reagan Hancock, 21, and stealing her baby, who also died. 

Parker told a state trooper in DeKalb, Texas, on Friday that she had just given birth to a baby and that it was not breathing, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

She and the baby were transported by ambulance to the hospital in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, where the baby was pronounced dead. 

Parker, who goes by Taylor Morton on Facebook, was soon arrested after authorities in Oklahoma learned what Parker told the Texas officer.

A year prior to Hancock’s gruesome death, Parker photographed her wedding, The Daily Beast reported on Wednesday.

Both Parker and Hancock were friends on Facebook, and Parker reportedly took pictures of Hancock’s engagement and her wedding in September 2019.

Hancock wrote in a caption for an engagement post in July 2019: “Love my little family.”

“My fav family,” Parker responded.

“Thank you so much for everything!!” Hancock said, and her husband, Homer, also thanked her: “Thanks for taking such great pictures!”

“Y’all are so welcome,” Parker replied.

Hancock’s mom, Jessica Brookes, told The Daily Beast that Parker took pictures at her wedding in Texas. 

Brooks said she couldn’t comment on Parker and Hancock’s relationship.

But as noted by the news outlet, friends shared screenshots of photos Parker took and posted at the wedding with the caption: “Fun time at the Hancock wedding.”

Brookes said: “Our family is our family – the heart and soul of us, and a big piece of that’s gone. … And we can never get it back.

“We’re in pieces,” the mom added. “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.”

Parker is accused of removing the baby at Hancock's home in New Boston, Texas.

She is charged with murdering Hancock and her child and kidnapping the baby, and is being held at the Idabel City Jail.

On Saturday, Brookes said that she found her daughter’s body. 

"Our beautiful daughter Reagan Hancock and her precious unborn baby girl Braxlynn were murdered yesterday by Satan in the flesh,” Brookes said.

A PayPal fundraiser stated that "Reagan Hancock and her unborn baby were selfishly killed by someone Reagan considered a friend.”

Hancock had recently written on social media that she was thrilled to welcome her “SWEET BABYGIRL.”

“She already acts like her daddy and big sister. We cannot wait for our Braxlynn Sage to be here. Daddy is definitely outnumbered,” Hancock wrote. 

Hancock also leaves behind her three-year-old daughter, named Kynlee, and husband Homer.

Parker’s social media pages reflected that she also had children.

According to Facebook posts, Parker and Hancock seemed friendly – with the 27-year-old recently giving the mom-to-be a gift and Starbucks coffee in the days before her death. 

Per The Daily Beast, Hancock recently told friend Abby Mathis: “I’m so ready for Brax to be here.”

“I’m scared she’s fixing to come faster. I feel like she’s going to be here before November.”

“Let’s pray she stays in there as long as she can so she’s extremely healthy,” Mathis said she told Hancock.

Mathis said she spoke with Parked a few weeks ago, asking about how she apparently didn’t give birth yet for what turned out to be an apparently fake pregnancy. 

“No, they’re trying to keep me [pregnant] as long as they can,” Mathis said Parker replied.

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