Friend with George Floyd during arrest refuses to testify in Chauvin trial

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A key witness who was with George Floyd when he was arrested is refusing to testify against the ex-cop accused of murdering his longtime friend, court documents show.

Morries Lester Hall, 42, was one of the passengers with Floyd in a car in Minneapolis last May when the 46-year-old was arrested — insisting in interviews days later that he was “going to be his voice.”

But Hall filed a surprise motion in Hennepin County District Court late Wednesday asking not to be called in the murder trial of ex-cop Derek Chauvin — and insisting he would not answer questions even if called.

In the filing, Hall’s lawyers say he “hereby provides notice to all parties in this matter that if called to testify he will invoke his fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination.”

“Therefore, counsel for Mr. Hall respectfully moves this court to … release Mr. Hall from any obligations therein,” the papers said.

Hall, also known as Maurice, was not only with Floyd that day but was also caught on video footage watching the fatal arrest as well as interacting with the officers.

He gave a series of interviews days after his friend’s death, recalling to “Good Morning America” how he was haunted by watching his friend “begging for his life” and “fearing the Reaper.”

“I’m a key witness to the cops murdering George Floyd, and they want to know my side,” he told the New York Times in early June

“I walk with Floyd … I know that I’m going to be his voice,” he vowed at the time.

But the Times said that at the time he had outstanding warrants for his arrest on felony possession of a firearm, felony domestic assault and felony drug possession.

He provided a false name to officers at the scene of Floyd’s arrest, a Minnesota official told the paper, and has also been accused of trying to pass a counterfit bill just like Floyd had, sparking his arrest that day.

As of Thursday morning, there has not been a response to Hall’s motion as Chauvin’s trial entered its fourth day of testimony.

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