Grace Millane killer Jesse Kempson’s first rape victim is haunted by his ‘angry popping eyes every time I go to sleep’

A VICTIM raped by backpacker Grace Millane's brutal killer told him in court how she used to be haunted by his twisted face.

The woman – also a British tourist – bravely revealed "every time I went to sleep, I'd see your eyes popping out of your head, staring at me in anger."

Jesse Kempson can finally be named after an order banning his identification was lifted as he lost an appeal against his conviction overGrace's murder.

It has now been revealed the 28-year-old fiend raped another tourist eight months before killing Grace, whose body was later found buried in a shallow grave.

Just as he did with her, he lured the victim, then 21, into a boozy Tinder date before taking her back to his motel room apartment.

He was caged for life with a non-parole period of 17 years for murdering Grace, from Essex, in Auckland in December, 2018.

Months earlier, Kempson had attacked the other Brit after a night out in Auckland.

Furious at her refusal to have sex after he had bought her drinks and dinner Kempson raped her while she lay on the bed.

She kept the attack secret until she recognised him from media coverage the day he was charged with Grace’s murder and went straight to police.

Kempson was convicted of the rape in November.

In a statement read to the court at his sentencing, the victim revealed she had woken up "crying and screaming" terrified he would one day track her down.

"Every time I went to sleep, I'd see your eyes popping out of your head, staring at me in anger," she said.

Vowing never to say Kempson's name aloud, she said she had had to check her front door was locked three times every night.

However, she said with support from counsellors and her partner she had now recovered.

"I am not scared," she said. "I am strong. I am not alone. I am loved. I have so much to look forward to in my life and I will not look back. 

"You don't have any power over me any more."

As Kempson was found guilty of the rape, he screamed at the judge: "You have no reason to convict me. You're full of s*** mate."  

At his sentencing, Justice Venning said it was clear Kempson did not accept his offending and told him: "You have no remorse or insight into it."

The British rape victim had been in New Zealand for a few weeks visiting her family before hooking up with Kempson on Tinder.

They agreed to go out for drinks on Auckland's waterfront, during which fantasist Kempsonbragged about owning an expensive BMW.

After drinks at two more venues, he took her back to a motel he was living in falsely claiming his apartment was being redecorated.

It was then that Kempson attempted to have sex with her against her will but was unable to leave because she had left her keys in a bar. 

She told cops she had climbed into bed fully clothed before Kempson made his way on top of her and raped her.

"I was in the room physically but I don’t remember what I did. I was just there," she said.

"My brain just won’t let me remember. I’m sorry. It’s like I was just frozen.

"I didn’t want to be there, I was still crying. I don’t know how that wasn’t obvious."

Kempson also faced another trial for sexually assaulting his girlfriend the previous year in a sickening ordeal lasting months.

The shocking details could not be revealed until now as he was on trial for those crimes, with his identity kept secret over fears that linking him with Grace's murder could prejudice jurors.

But both trials – which took place in October and November this year – have concluded with guilty verdicts.

As a result, Kempson has been sentenced to an additional 11 years to run concurrently with the 17-year minimum he received for Grace's murder.

In a statement, Grace's family said: “As a family we do not think about him or speak his name."

Grace went missing on December 1, 2018 and failed to contact her family on her 22nd birthday the following day while in Auckland, as part of a planned year-long trip abroad.

She was last seen alive entering a hotel with Kempson on the evening of December 1.

On December 9, her body was found in a wooded area about 30ft from the side of the road in the Waitakere Ranges near Auckland.

She died after meeting Kempson through the dating app Tinder, going out for drinks, and then returning to his hotel apartment.




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