I discovered a mysterious box marked 'do not release' hidden in wall of my house – what I found inside creeped me out

A MAN found a mysterious box marked "do not release" hidden behind a wall in his attic.

The locked wooden box also had a pentagram carved into it on one side and the Welsh words "peidiwch ar ryddhau".

A week later he found saw a mirror in the corner rattle when he moved it while renovating his home.

He smashed the glass with a hammer, despite superstition ruling that it brings seven years of bad luck, and found the key for the box.

Objects including a small pendant necklace and a burned piece of a ouija board were found inside.

A lock of hair and a second key were also left inside.

The man posted videos of the sage onto social networking site TikTok.

Some viewers thought the clips were staged while others were terrified.

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One person said: “This is literally the plot to 99% of horror movies.”

Another added: “I would say breaking a mirror gives you 7 years of bad luck but I think that’s the least of your worries at this point”

A third commented: “Literally translates to ‘don’t release’ PUT IT BACCCCKKK."

And another joked: “Now would be a good time to burn the whole house down.”

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