Locked down Brits post hilarious memes about quarantine Easter break

Las Kitchenas here we come! Locked down Britons post hilarious memes on social media as they joke about their Easter holidays to their own front room during coronavirus quarantine

  • The UK quarantine continues as the nation fights against the spread of Covid-19
  • With the Easter break fast approaching, many have had to abandon travel plans 
  • Brits have retained their trademark humour to make light of the bad situation 
  • Social media is awash with comical musings about how the break could be spent 

With the Easter break fast approaching, locked down Brits have retained their trademark humour by making light of what is a very bleak situation.

With travel plans being cancelled left, right and centre, many face the prospect of staring at the same four walls during a prolonged period of quarantine as the coronavirus crisis unfolds.

The Government has urged the nation to remain inside, venturing out only for essential activity such as a local shop for necessities or a daily exercise. 

Despite plans in ruins, however, Brits have taken to social media to post hilarious memes in an attempt to see the brighter side of life.

Some joke that an exotic getaway has now had a minor tweak, with the destination of ‘Las Kitchenas’ or ‘Santa Bedroomes’ soon to be stamped on the passport instead.

Some families are now hit with the double header of not only having a relaxing break cancelled, but also now have to face up to the prospect of having the children home from school for the foreseeable future.

One Twitter uses mused about the different ‘exotic’ locations around the house he may travel

Over on Instagram jokes were being cracked about Easter getaway plans taking shape

The reality of the Easter holiday is certainly hitting home with all the kids away from school

Parents have joked about balancing the act of homeschooling with working remotely at home

Already comical memes have appeared after home isolation has altered the concept of days

Some big lockdown choices are being made; including the bedroom or living room conundrum

Some have already been hilariously looking beyond Easter at the (limited) opportunities summer may bring as the weather begins to heat up

Holiday destinations have drastically altered, yet some can thankfully see the funny side

Creativity is emerging as families search for alternative topics of interest during Easter break

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