Logging truck tips over and spills its load as driver tries tight turn

Timber! Moment a logging truck tips over and spills its load as driver tries to make a tight turn

  • Timber truck filmed tipping over and spilling its logs in Louisville, Mississippi
  • While trying to attempt a tight turn, the red lorry overbalances and falls on over
  • Its entire load of timber spills out of the trailer, completely covering the road

A timber lorry fell onto its side and spilled all its logs after one of its rear wheels got stuck in a ditch while attempting a tight turn in the road.

The unfortunate accident was recorded in Louisville, Mississippi, and shows a red logging truck already stretched out across both lanes of a wide road.

At the start of the video, the truck’s cabin faces towards the camera, as if the lorry had attempted to complete a tight turn out of the nearby gas station.  

A red timber truck tips over and spills its load onto a road in Louisville, Mississippi, after attempting a tight turn and overbalancing

The truck tilts dangerously on its side, with some of its rear wheels left hanging in the air.

Off balance, the lorry tries to correct itself by reversing back round the corner before attempting to drive off again, launching a cloud of smoke into the air from its exhausts.

Unfortunately, one wheel gets caught in a ditch as the lorry tries to pull away causing the entire vehicle to topple over in the middle of the road.

The cab’s hood visibly lifts away under the pressure of the trailer rolling over.

As the truck tips over, all of the logs it’s carrying spill out into the road, completely blocking it.

Speaking after the event, the person who filmed the toppling truck said: ‘I was sitting in the road blocked by this truck trying to turn around or enter the road.’ 

The incident was filmed on May 14 but was recently re-emerged after being shared on social media. 

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