London taxi driver dies after possibly catching coronavirus from cash fare

The family of a British taxi driver says he has died from coronavirus after they believe he caught the bug from taking cash fares, according to a report.

Spencer Kurash, 56, continued to work as a cab driver throughout London even as the COVID-19 pandemic spread, the Mirror reported.

But on March 18 he began to develop symptoms associated with the bug during one of his shifts, the outlet reported.

“It could have been an infected passenger who handed over money,” his daughter Natasha, 18, told the newspaper.

His health continued to deteriorate and he fatally collapsed Wednesday at his home in east London, the report said. Paramedics responded to the home but were unable to save him.

“It’s just devastating,” his daughter told the Mirror.

The United Kingdom has reported at least 1,000 deaths as the virus spreads to more than 17,000 people across the country, according to the latest figures from John Hopkins University.

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