Posie Parker and women's rights activists face off trans supporters

Women’s rights activists led by Posie Parker face off with pro-trans campaigners during rally at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park

  • Parker, also known as Kellie-Jay Keen, was at a Standing For Women meeting
  • Pro-trans activists have picketed her rallies in the UK, Australia and New Zealand

Police were forced to keep gender critical activists and pro-trans protesters apart from each other at a rally held by women’s right’s campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen in London today. 

The meeting of Standing For Women was led by Ms Keen – who is also known as Posie Parker – at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park saw the two groups face off.

Parker is leading a campaign for the word ‘woman’ to be defined as ‘adult, human, female’ in law, but has been met with protests from trans activists – most recently in Belfast earlier this month.

In Hyde Park the opposition group held LGBT flags and signs reading ‘Terfs Go Home’, the pro-trans protesters demonstrated against the meeting behind a line of police officers, while chanting ‘LGB with the T’.

Last month Parker was forced to cut short a tour of New Zealand in the face of protests by local pro-trans activists and at one rally had tomato sauce thrown over her by one protester. 

Police officers stand next to pro-trans activists as they protest a rally by Posie Parker in Hyde Park today

People gathered at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London, today for a meeting of Standing For Women

At Sunday’s event in the capital mounted police were on patrol to ensure the rally and protests went off without incident.

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Asked if she felt threatened by the presence of the protest, Jackie Cole, 64, from Sussex said: ‘Yes, not by the police, but by the people who have come to protest (against) us. 

She added: ‘This is the first time that we’ve had sufficient presence from the police to keep it under control.’

‘Speakers’ corner is the home of free speech. Of course, we should be able to come here and talk about the things that concern us without people trying to shut us down, and trying to shout over us.’

However, Suzanne Cunningham, 50, from Essex, said that the protesters were entitled to be there.

‘Well, they’re perfectly entitled to say their piece and do what they want,’ she said.

‘I probably would have been one of them years and years ago. As long as they’re not doing anything illegal and they’re not inviting violence.’

She said she did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

‘We’re all human, nobody wants to hurt anybody else’s feelings. It shouldn’t need to be said.

‘We all know that. It’s a woman’s rights movement, we’re not anti-trans. That’s what annoys me, the whole anti-trans thing.’

Pro-trans activists protest the meeting at Speakers’ Corner today, holding signs saying ‘Posie is a fascist’

Women’s rights campaigners stand looking towards the pro-trans activists, with one holding a sign that says ‘Lesbianism excludes those born with a penis’

Parker, pictured here in Belfast on April 16, has seen her rallies picketed by pro-trans activists in recent months

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She added that they had met there for years without protesters appearing.

‘We didn’t used to have this at all,’ she said.

‘I’ve been coming for years and there didn’t used to be anybody here on the other side that was against us.

‘We used to just sit and have a chat and a talk, and eat some crisps, and listen to what everybody was saying.’

Earlier this month around 50 police officers were drafted in to keep pro-trans activists and women’s rights campaigners from clashing at a rally by Parker in Belfast.

Hundreds of people gathered in the Donegall Quay area of the city centre to hear Keen, also known as Posie Parker, calling counter-protesters ‘f*****g deranged’

Last month  Keen was forced to cut her ‘Let Women Speak’ tour short following an incident at Albert Park, in Auckland’s CBD.

She was due to give an address when she was mobbed by counter protesters and covered in tomato soup before being taken away under police protection.

A video taken by New Zealand Herald columnist Shaneel Lal, who praised the fact she wasn’t allowed to deliver a speech, showed counter-protesters taking over the area where the rally was taking place.

Parker was doused with tomato soup by a protester at a rally in Auckland, New Zealand, last month

Speaking to MailOnline during her tour Down Under, Parker said she felt like ‘public enemy No 1’ and admits she fears for her safety after becoming ‘a hate figure’.

She said: ‘I didn’t realise how much women are hated by some parts of society before I came here.

‘I feel like there are some great powers somewhere who don’t want women talking.

‘I can take being called a transphobe, but calling someone a Nazi? One of the politicians here called me a c***. They used rhyming slang of “dropkick and punt”.

‘The war on women in these countries is absolutely frightening.

‘I have got to have a team of seven security guards out here with me. I genuinely do feel my life could be in danger sometimes.’

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