Reporter shockingly yells at Pence and Covid team: 'You're all undermining the Democratic election! Every one of you!'

REPORTERS shouted after Vice President Mike Pence took no questions in a White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing and one journalist accused the officials of “undermining the Democratic election” as they left the room. 

Pence concluded the group’s remarks on Thursday by saying, “Thank you all,” and the task force members immediately departed, entertaining no questions. 

At that point, the room erupted with yelled questions from reporters, but Pence and company did not stop. 

The voice of a male reporter rose above the noise in a video and could be heard saying loudly, “You're all undermining the Democratic election! Every one of you!”

Prior to that, the same reporter appeared to say, “You’re all part of not recognizing democracy.”

Meanwhile, a female reporter shouted, “Why is the federal government not taking leadership?”

Someone else could be hard saying, “What is going on?” and another voice came through saying, “And you won’t work with the [transition].”

Reporters often continue to ask questions as officials leave briefings, but the scene on Thursday seemed particularly intense. 

It was the task force’s first remarks to reporters since July, and came as the US surpassed 250,000 coronavirus deaths. 

Task force members spoke about a vaccine coming next month and Pence said, “We’re getting there, America.” 

“Even as we see help on the way, the vaccines being developed at a historic pace, as I mentioned before, as we gather today, we are seeing cases and positivity rising across the country," Pence said. 

"But we approach this moment with the confidence of experience. We know the American people know what to do. We have forged a partnership that is truly seamless with state and local health authorities.”

The vice president added that officials have worked seven days a week throughout 2020 “to make sure the American people have access to the health care that we'd want any member of our family to have as we meet this pandemic.”

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