‘Schoolgirl pimp’ on Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich doc was paid $200 a time to find 24 friends for pedo to abuse – The Sun

A WOMAN who appears in Netflix's new series on Jeffrey Epstein says she was paid $200 a time to find 24 friends for the late pedophile financier to abuse.

Hayley Robson, now 33, was interviewed for Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, and is the first of Epstein's "schoolgirl recruiters" to speak out.

The series, which premieres on Wednesday, explores how the multi-millionaire was able to use his wealth and power to commit his crimes.

It describes how he would force underage victims to recruit at least two more girls as part of a "twisted sexual pyramid scheme".

Robson says she was introduced to Epstein in 2003, when she was 16, by a friend the Royal Palm Beach High School in Florida.

The friend offered her the chance to earn money giving massages to "an old guy".

But Robson says that, when she arrived at Epstein's Palm Beach home, he tried to molest her.

"He was naked on the table," she says.

"I remember feeling really scared. He tried to touch me below the belt. I declined.

"I told him I didn’t feel comfortable, and no, it’s not going to happen.

"At that moment he was like, 'Okay, well this isn’t going to happen so if you have any friends and you bring them to me, I will give you $200."


Robson says she would "casually" broach the offer with friends, and then drive with them to the house.

"When the girls would leave, Jeffrey would come out and pay me," she said.

"I probably recruited 24 girls. Those girls brought other girls too. They were all underage."

She says she felt guilty about the work she did for Epstein for years before realising that she was a victim as well. 

Epstein killed himself in August while awaiting charges on federal charges for the sex trafficking of minors.

The documentary also sees prosecutors describe assembling a flow chart of victims while building a case against Epstein.

"We had to prove that this pyramid of underage girls in Palm Beach was true," says Attorney Brad Edwards, who represents victim Courtney Wild.

"It didn't start from just a random underage girl walking into the house."

The series also alleges that former president Bill Clinton and other "important people" were spotted visiting Epstein on his private Caribbean island, Little St James.

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