Trump impeachment trial to kick off as 'callous' Dems slammed for ‘unconstitutional and illegal’ hearing

DONALD Trump's impeachment trial is set to kick off as the "callous" Democrats have been slammed for holding an "unconstitutional and illegal" hearing.

Former president Trump's legal team hit back at a case presented by House managers on Monday evening.

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Less than 24 hours before Trump's impeachment trial, Trump's lawyers, Bruce Castor Jr., David Schoen and Michael van der Veen, denounced Dems and claimed the former president didn't spark the Capitol riots on January 6, according to reports.

Trump's legal team wrote: "Through this latest Article of Impeachment now before the Senate, Democrat politicians seek to carve out a mechanism by which they can silence a political opponent and a minority party.

"The Senate must summarily reject this brazen political act."

The historic trial of the former president will begin today – February 9, 2021, with Trump – facing a single article of impeachment.

Trump is the only US president to be impeached twice.

Trump's team also slammed the impeachment as being "nothing more nor nothing less than the trial of a private citizen by a legislative body."

What is the timeline for Trump’s impeachment trial on Tuesday, February 9?

  • 1pm Eastern Time – Trump's second impeachment trial begins with the prayer and pledge
  • The constitutionality of the trial will be under debate by impeachment managers and Trump's legal team for up to four hours
  • Next, the Senate must vote on whether it has the authority to try former president Donald Trump
  • In total, a simple majority of 51 votes is needed to pass
  • Senate Dems revealed the "Senate is expected to consider a trial organizing resolution," however, "if the Senate cannot adopt the resolution by unanimous consent, there will be a roll call vote on adoption of the resolution"
  • If the vote passes, each side will get a maximum of 16 hours to present their case – starting on Wednesday, February 10, at 12pm ET

They claimed that the "impeachment of a former president, a private citizen, constitutes an illegal bill of attainder" and concluded the House's Article of Impeachment is "unconstitutional for a variety of reasons."

"Taken together, they demonstrate conclusively that indulging House Democrats hunger for this political theater is a danger to our Republican democracy," the lawyers added.

It comes after Democratic House impeachment managers revealed their argument on Monday.

The impeachment managers stated: "The House denies each and every allegation in the answer that denies the acts, knowledge, intent, or wrongful conduct charged against President Trump.

"The House states that each and every allegation in the article of impeachment is true, and that any affirmative defenses and legal defenses set forth in the answer are wholly without merit."

"The House further states that the article of impeachment properly alleges an impeachable offense under the Constitution, is not subject to a motion to dismiss, is within the jurisdiction of the Senate sitting as a court of impeachment, and should be considered and adjudicated by the Senate sitting as a court of impeachment."

What will happen on Wednesday, February 10?

  • 12pm ET -Trump's former counsel and House impeachment managers will each get a maximum of 16 hours to present their case, granted the Senate's vote passes on Tuesday
  • The rules are that a single day's presentation cannot be more than eight hours. Each side is only allowed a total of two days to demonstrate their case
  • Senators will have a total of four hours to question either side after presentations are done
  • Next, if witnesses are called on by the House impeachment managers another four hours of debate will follow – leading to a vote
  • Trump's former counsel and House impeachment managers will make closing arguments.
  • Lastly, the Article of Impeachment will be voted on by the Senate

Senators are expected to convene at about midday to begin proceedings under plans agreed by the chamber's Republican and Democrat leaders, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer.

First off, there will be four hours of debate, equally divided between Trump's legal team and the impeachment managers, on whether the trial is constitutional.

This will be followed by a vote needing a simple majority to proceed.

If senators agree to move forward, the main part of the trial will begin.

It will see the prosecution and defense given up to 16 hours each from February 10 to present their case.

Meanwhile, Republican Lindsey Graham has insisted Trump's impeachment trial will "destroy the presidency" and put future leaders at risk,

Trump's second impeachment trial could be resolved within the week.

Trump was first impeached by the House of Representatives on December 18, 2019.

However, the Senate acquitted Trump of the charges on February 5, 2020.

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