US election 2020 LIVE updates: RNC continues on day four with Donald Trump to speak


  • Vice-President Mike Pence, Eric Trump portayed Donald Trump as a “law and order” president yesterday, as racial strife played out in Wisconsin.
  • Candidate Joe Biden says Donald Trump and allies are “rooting for violence” and the US will be “substantially safer” when he is no longer in office. 
  • Outgoing adviser, Kellyanne Conway, tells Fox News “chaos and anarchy” following police shootings would be good for Trump’s re-election ambitions.
  • US deaths from the novel coronavirus topped 180,000 on Thursday after a surge of new cases in June and July in hotspots like California, Florida, and Texas.

'They're rooting for violence': Joe Biden

After being almost invisible since his own Convention finished up last week, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden finally fired up today to accuse Trump of “rooting for violence” in a bid to shore up political support.

Joe BidenCredit:Bloomberg

Biden’s comments came as protests continued in Wisconsin over the police shooting of another black man, and the arrest of a 17-year old Trump supporter who shot protesters this week.

Trump is yet to comment on the arrest, or the police shooting of Jacob Blake, but speakers over the last few nights have stoked fears of a lawless America should the Democrats win the election.

Anticipating that Trump will follow the same theme tonight, Biden told CNN’s Anderson Cooper: “These guys are rooting for violence, that's what it's all about."

“Because it takes everybody's eyes off the ball. Want to talk about safety? Look at the biggest safety issue in the nation: COVID.”

'We got lucky': business as usual after Hurricane Laura

Today’s convention comes only hours after Hurricane Laura barrelled through Texas and Louisiana, flooding homes, demolishing industrial buildings and killing at least four people so far. You can read my report here.

Trump had a briefing from the Federal Emergency Management Agency today, saying he had considered postponing his speech but "it turned out we got a bit lucky.”

A home in Lake Charles, Louisiana after Hurricane Laura passed.Credit:AP

“It was very big. It was very powerful. But it passed quickly and so everything's on schedule," he said.

Trump says he's planning to visit affected areas this weekend.

Trump to close out the RNC

Hi everyone – after four days of the Democratic National Convention and three days of the Republican National Convention, we’ve 'finally' arrived at the final night of the RNC!

I’ll be live blogging this event over the next few hours, with Donald Trump formally accepting his party’s nomination to run as the GOP’s presidential candidate at the November 3 election.

Donald Trump.Credit:AP

Thanks to the beauty of selective leaks, we already have a sense of what the President is likely to say when he takes centre stage in the south lawn of the White House later today.

Expect to hear a blistering attack on Joe Biden (surprise!) as Trump prepares to criticise the former Vice President’s record on everything from trade, immigration, crime and China.

Trump's address will follow in the footsteps of Mike Pence, who last night formally accepted the nomination to be his running mate, in a speech that downplayed coronavirus while talking up the President’s law-and-order credentials. Those who missed Day Three of the RNC can catch up with our live blog here.

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