Video shows two skydivers get stuck to landing gear of a plane

Terrifying video shows two skydivers get stuck to the landing gear of a plane while suspended in mid-air thousands of feet above ground for almost eight minutes

  • Video shows instructor and skydiver about to jump out of single-engine plane 
  • Moments after leaping from aircraft, the two get stuck to the landing gear 
  • One of the skydiver’s straps latches onto piece of metal attached to landing gear 
  • For some eight minutes, the two are suspended in mid-air underneath the plane
  • Finally, instructor manages to pry him and the student loose from landing gear 

An amateur skydiver and her parachutist-instructor are lucky to be alive after getting stuck on the landing gear for several terrifying minutes as they leaped out of a single-engine light plane that was flying at an altitude of several thousand feet.

The nine-minute video which surfaced online on Saturday shows the instructor and the skydiver attached to one another as they prepare to tumble out of the small plane.

The parachutist signals to the pilot that he is ready and slaps him a high-five before he and his student take the plunge.

Just seconds after jumping out of the plane, it becomes apparent that their equipment becomes entangled with the landing gear of the aircraft.

A skydiving instructor (right) and a skydiver (left) prepare to jump out of the single-engine small plane

Just moments after they make the leap out of the aircraft, something goes wrong

The two apparently get stuck on the plane’s landing gear, which is seen above

A strap used to carry equipment apparently latches onto a piece of metal attached to the landing gear, causing the two to get stuck

The instructor appears to be hanging on to the landing gear as he and the skydiver are suspended in mid-air several thousand feet above the surface of the Earth.

Throughout this time, the instructor is outfitted with a video camera that records the entire episode.

He manages to angle the camera so that it shows the strap of the skydiver’s equipment latch onto a piece of metal protruding from the landing gear.

The camera then shows close-up shots of the terror-filled faces of the skydiver and the instructor as they helplessly dangle from the flying plane.

The two dangle from the plane for several minutes as they’re suspended in mid-air while several thousand feet above ground

The instructor appears to be enjoying himself as he poses for a selfie

The image above clearly shows the woman’s equipment entangled with the landing gear

The look of terror on the woman’s face tells it all as the two spend several minutes stuck to the landing gear

The two manage to get a nice view of the surroundings as their lives hang in the balance

Finally, the instructor uses a tool to extricate the woman and himself from the plane

Several minutes went by, during which it appeared that the skydiver and the instructor were remarkably calm.

The instructor even took selfies with the camera, sticking his tongue out and posing playfully despite seemingly being moments away from possibly dying.

The heart-stopping video shows the two dangling from the landing gear as the belly of the plane is seen in the background.

A few minutes later, the instructor uses a tool to extricate himself and the skydiver from the plane. The two fall toward the Earth, though they’re in the clear when the instructor opens up his parachute.

The two breathe a huge sigh of relief as they free themselves from the landing gear and parachute to safety

The instructor and the skydiver clasp hands and savor the moment knowing that they would survive the ordeal

‘Thank god,’ he is heard saying in the video. ‘Unbelievable!’

The two breathe a heavy sigh of relief and clasp hands as they descend toward the ground with the chute open. 

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