Warning over cannibal rats ‘aggressively’ hunting for food as COVID shuts US restaurants – The Sun

OFFICIALS warned people about "cannibal" rats on a desperate hunt for food as restaurant closures force them to look for food elsewhere.

The CDC issued the grim advisory this week as COVID-19 shutdowns resulted in these rodents becoming increasingly aggressive as they scavenge for scraps.

The news comes after multiple reports emerged indicating some of these crazed animals were resorting to infanticide and cannibalism to survive.

Health experts noted rats previously relied on the food and waste stemming from diners, restaurants, and other shuttered eateries.

These COVID closures and limited services forced these increasingly erratic rodents to scrounge for crumbs in less commercial places, the CDC said.

"Jurisdictions have closed or limited service at restaurants and other commercial establishments to help limit the spread of COVID-19," their advisory read.

"Rodents rely on the food and waste generated by these establishments. Community-wide closures have led to a decrease in food available to rodents, especially in dense commercial areas."

The CDC cited "an increase in rodent activity," saying the environmental health and rodent control programs should prep for "unusual or aggressive rodent behavior."

The agency instructed people to seal up any gaps in their homes or buildings, remove debris and heavy vegetation, keep rubbish under wraps in tightly covered trash cans, and removing pet food.

If a rampant virus wasn't enough, people have also been advised to properly clean up any previous infestation sites in an effort to prevent diseases like salmonella and Weil's disease.

The news comes as hungry rodents are spotted all over the country with sightings becoming increasingly common during the pandemic.

Multiple reports in several major US cities have referenced how these ravenous rodents are becoming more brazen and aggressive.

Officials in New Orleans launched a campaign to trap and kill the rodents when videos emerged on social media showing them scurrying around, reported CBS News.

The city's mayor, LaToya Cantrell, reportedly acknowledged the rats were going "crazy."

Authorities in NYC have also upped their game after reports of rodents swarming around a 6th Avenue garbage can.

Community-wide closures have led to a decrease in food available to rodents.

Urban rodentologist Bobby Corrigan said a pest expert sent him a picture after one grotesque rat battle in Queens, reported The Washington Post.

Corrigan said this nest of rats had turned on each other as they starved, leaving a pile of rat limbs on the sidewalk there.

According to NBC News, Washington DC saw nearly 500 calls regarding rats over the course of 30 days between March and April.

Baltimore experienced 11,000 "proactive" calls or online 311 requests about rodents during this time.

Pests living in Chicago also demonstrated a significant change in behavior in recent weeks.

Robert Villamil, owner of Chicago-based Crow Pest Control Inc., told the Chicago Tribune "as they look for food, people are noticing them more."

"Rats carry disease and they’re very unsightly, so it’s a big thing," Villamil explained. "People are wanting to take steps to keep rats away from their homes."

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