Who is death row inmate Cory Johnson and what did he do?

CONVICTED killer Cory Johnson is serving a prison sentence in Terre Haute, Indiana for murdering about seven people in 1992.

He is currently sitting on death row after being sentenced nearly 28 years ago.

Who is Cory Johnson? 

Cory Johnson, 45, is a prisoner of Terre Haute, Indiana’s federal correctional facility after being involved in murder schemes and a drug trafficking gang.

He was joined by fellow members James Roane and Richard Tipton in a drug trafficking conspiracy that lasted from 1989 to 1992.

Johnson was reportedly abandoned by his mother when he was 13-years-old to a residential facility for children with intellectual and emotional impairments.

When he turned 18, he was released into the community with very little skills and hardly any support.

Johnson found comfort in a New Jersey gang and began dealing crack-cocaine to provide for himself.

Why is he on death row? 

Johnson is sitting on death row for killing people along with his partners who resided within the Richmond, Virginia area in relation to their drug-trafficking.

The gang was known as the “Newtowne Gang” as they expanded their conspiracy operations to a town in Richmond of the same name.

The victims were brutally slain as they were thought to be suspects of treachery or “competitors” in the drug business.

Johnson shot one victim at close range after ordering him to place his head on a car steering wheel, according to the Justice department.

He shot and killed another victim at his home when he failed to pay for crack cocaine — and Johnson also murdered the victim’s sister and a male acquaintance.

In February 1993, a jury in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia found Johnson guilty of numerous federal offenses, including seven counts of capital murder.

The jury unanimously recommended seven death sentences, which the court imposed.

How long has he been in prison?

Johnson has been serving time in prison for nearly 30 years.

Aside from being convicted for the seven murders, Johnson was also charged with conspiracy to possess cocaine base with the intent to distribute, and 11 counts of committing acts of violence including the seven killings charged under in aid of racketeering activity. 

Additionally, he was charged with five counts of using a firearm in relation to a crime of violence or drug-trafficking offense, and two counts of possession of cocaine base with the intent to distribute.

Him and his partners are the longest-serving inmates on federal death row.

There are currently over 50 prisoners all over the US awaiting death row.

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