Who is Elgin Baylor's wife?

TRAILBLAZING NBA star Elgin Baylor sadly passed away yesterday at aged 86 of natural causes.

The news regarding the Hall of Fame hero, known as 'Mr Inside', was announced by his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, who dubbed him "the superstar of his era".

Who is Elgin Baylor's wife?

Elaine Baylor is the wife of Elgin Baylor, who is considered one of basketball's greatest players.

Elgin credited the New Orleans native for much of his success, thanks to her strong prayer guiding him.

The couple enjoyed 44 years of marriage after getting hitched on September 17, 1977.

The devout Baptists also share a daughter, Krystal.

She once explained in an interview: "I was born in New Orleans and grew up in the Baptist church.

"(I come from) a working-class family that went to school on scholarships and everything was due to prayer. I had God’s favor. That’s been my foundation and a part of my life."

In February, Elaine joined the College of Idaho's Board of Trustees for her first term, which is the school her husband attended and was drafted in the NBA from.

She said of his death, "Elgin was the love of my life.

"And like everyone else, I was in awe of his immense courage, dignity and the time he gave to all fans.

"At this time I ask that I and our family be allowed to mourn his passing in privacy."

Who is Elgin Baylor's ex-wife Ruby Saunder?

Elgin wed his ex-wife Ruby Saunder on June 22, 1958.

The couple went on to have two children, a son named Alan and a daughter named Alison.

The pair were married for 16 years before they divorced in 1974.

How many children did Elgin Baylor have?

Baylor is survived by his three children from two separate marriages.

He has a son, Alan, and a daughter, Alison, from his marriage with Ruby Saunders.

The Lakers legend went on to have another daughter, named Krystal, during his second marriage with Elaine.

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