Who is Jenny Cudd from Midland Texas?

THOUSANDS of Trump supporters rioted at the US Capitol on January 6 in an effort to intimidate Congress leaders as they were certifying Biden’s electoral college victory.

The insurrection claimed the lives of five people. Those who made it out of the building unscathed bragged about the trespass on social media. The FBI are now looking for the people responsible for the uprising. But who is Jenny Cudd and how was she involved?

Who is Jenny Cudd from Midland Texas?

Jenny Cudd, a resident of Midland, Texas was one of the Trump supporters who rioted at the US Capitol in an effort to “stop the steal” of votes for the 2020 election.

Cudd filmed herself at the scene while wearing a Trump flag in a Facebook live video saying: “I want to let you know what actually happened today. When Pence betrayed us is when we decided to storm the Capitol…”

Adding: “We didn't vandalize anything but we did, as I say that, break down Nancy Pelosi's office door and somebody stole her gavel and took a picture sitting in the chair flipping off the camera.”

The video had received over 3million views on the platform before it was deleted.

According to a Twitter user who claims to know her, Cudd is reportedly the owner of Becky's Flowers in her Midland town.

Additionally, it has also emerged that Cudd once ran as a mayoral candidate in Texas back in November of 2019. 

A photo shared on social media shows her addressing supporters against a backdrop which said "Jenny for Mayor."

What else did the video say?

Cudd also mentioned in the clip that "patriots got down on the floor and were sitting in the House members and the Senators chair.”

Adding: "The government serves at the consent of the governed. Well the governed are pissed off and the governed don't trust them."

She confessed to CBS7 to having felt pride for storming into the Capitol saying: “I'm proud of everything that I was part of today and I'll be proud of everything that I'll be a part of at the next one and we'll see what happens at that. 

"I hope you will share this video because we know that…. mainstream media isn't going to cover it."

"I'd do it again, and I'd have a gas mask next time.”

What will happen to Trump and the rioters?

Asked on Thursday whether prosecutors are investigating Trump's possible role in inciting the unrest that followed, Michael Sherwin, the acting US Attorney in Washington DC, said: "We're looking at all actors here.

"Anyone that had a role and, if the evidence fits the elements of the crime, they're going to be charged."

In addition to those already arrested, cops have now released images of many others wanted on federal charges.

At a news conference on Thursday, DC Police Chief Robert Contee said: “We have collected numerous images of persons of interests that we are asking the community to help us identify.

“These images depict individuals engaged in various acts of violence or property destruction.”

FBI digital experts have been examining surveillance footage from the Capitol buildings and the area around the complex through the night.

The officials are using software to match images and faces with social media posts showing some of the chaos.

It is likely the suspects will be quickly tracked down thanks to 'facial recognition' technology used by the FBI and Secret Service, former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Danny Coulson said.

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