Wild video shows Brooklyn teens ignoring social distancing in rowdy brawl

Wild video posted online shows a group of teens throwing coronavirus caution — and any thought of social distancing — to the wind during a brawl in Brooklyn.

The two-minute footage posted to Facebook shows the young mob in the midst of a melee outside a building on Mother Gaston Blvd. near Eastern Parkway in Brownsville at about 6 p.m. Thursday, police said.

“This is no mother f–king social distancing,” the man recording the video is heard saying. “They broke the window, yo! This is like some World War Z s–t!”

Dozens of teens can be seen shoving and punching each other, climbing atop nearby parked cars, yelling, and running into the street to block traffic.

Cops broke up the unruly scene minutes later, footage shows.

“The cops [are] right here now, it’s over now,” one of the teens says as police arrive.

Officers are seen on camera grabbing one teenager — who wears a face mask — and dragging her away from the building.

No injuries were reported, authorities said.

Police had been called to the scene after a 911 caller reported two people with a gun, according to an NYPD spokesperson.

No weapons were recovered and no arrests were made.

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