Woman shows off brand new $600 wolf tattoo – but Reddit users can't stop laughing when they spot one bizarre detail

A WOMAN has shown off her brand new wolf tattoo – but Reddit users can't stop laughing when they spot one odd feature.

Unveiling a new ink job is normally a moment of pride for tattoo owners.

But for one unlucky woman, that moment was rudely cut short when Reddit users noticed something odd about her new tattoo.

Posted under the title "she paid $600 for it poor girl", users spotted the wolf-inspired sketch on this woman's leg appeared to be wearing a bra.

And there was no letting up from members of the Shitty Tattoos subthread.

"Is it just me or does that wolf have cleavage?" one curious user noted.

"That wolf has a strong B-cup," another posted, with a second chiming in: "Omg, that's all I can see now."

"Imagine what a little time will do to it," joked a third.

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Others couldn't believe the train crash of a tattoo cost $600 (£440).

One person by the username Baconink wrote: "I tattoo for a living and I doubt I would never be able to tell someone $600 for this with a straight face."

Littletinylotus added: "Not the worst I've ever seen, but definitely not worth $600."

Another said she couldn't imagine having that image on her leg "til I die".

"It's not so horrible. I think this can be saved," wrote another.

It's not the first time horror tattoos have been ridiculed online.

One woman shared how getting a tattoo she didn't like covered up by a better design took a turn for the worse.

@merrricasecret wanted to get a tattoo of her recently deceased dog redone as a dragon but left the ink parlour with something far worse.

"The head does not look anything like the stencil," she said in an online video while pointing at the much darker, messier dragon head.

"Did he tattoo me with his eyes closed?"

Another woman in South Yorkshire took the internet by storm after a tattoo fail left her with an inking so wonky, people were convinced a child did it.

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