Your second stimulus check could arrive in January if deal reached – here's what to do to get your payment quicker

A SECOND round of stimulus checks could arrive in January 2021 if a Covid relief deal is reached by the end of today – and here's what you can do to get your payment quicker.

Hope for another round of stimulus checks seems promising as the US Congress is rushing to reach an agreement on a government funding bill before Friday's shutdown deadline.

If a $900 billion coronavirus relief bill gets passed this weekend – the earliest people could see stimulus checks seems to be in the beginning of January, according to CNET.

The earliest possible scenario suggests that if the House passes the final bill on December 19, the Senate passes it on December 20, and President Trump signs for it on December 21 – the first direct deposits could be sent out on the week of January 4.

Following these hypothetical dates, the first paper checks could be sent out a week later on the week of January 11.

The first EIP cards, on the other hand, could be sent out one month later, on the week of February 8.

When compared to the first round of relief payments, the president authorized the CARES Act on March 27 – prompting the first round of stimulus checks to be distributed on the third week of April.

The amount of money Americans can expect to receive is $600 payments, exactly half of what adults were given at the start of the coronavirus pandemic when the CARES Act was passed.

For those who wish to get their checks fast, the IRS' Get My Payment tool can help as a guide.

Back in May, the My Payment portal urged users to fill out their direct deposit information in order to obtain their payments quicker.

According to the webpage, anyone who may have missed the deadline to register online for Economic Impact Payment may still be eligible for the relief money.

The US Congress has until midnight on Friday to agree on a new government funding bill, which includes coronavirus relief, approve stopgap funding, or allow for another government shutdown.

FOX News' Chad Pergram tweeted on Friday morning: "Work continues behind the scenes on coronavirus bill.

"Still no bill text. Government funding expires tonight at 11:59:59 pm et.

"Interim bill likely to avert shutdown tonight. Weekend work likely in Congress to finish up."

The looming government shutdown and possible deal between the GOP and Democrats comes as the United States has seen more than 310,000 Covid-related deaths.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appears to understand the need for a quick decision.

He said on Thursday: "We must not slide into treating these talks like routine negotiations to be conducted at Congress’ routine pace.

“So we need to complete this work and we need to complete it right away. That’s what I’ve said – the Senate is not going anywhere until we have Covid relief out the door.”

When Nancy Pelosi was questioned a whether a relief plan would pass the House on Friday she said: "We'll see" and insisted "were doing fine."

The hurry to come up with a decision comes one day after Democrat Tim Kaine spread hope and told reporters that a new coronavirus deal was very close.

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