Angel number 777 – What does it mean?

WHEN you feel an overwhelming connection to the spiritual realm, you’re probably also noticing triple 7’s everywhere. The incomprehensible truth is you're feeling misguided right now, but you’re leaning toward a more fulfilled life and are being watched by an

Circumcised vs uncircumcised – the penis myths debunked

CIRCUMCISION is a common practice in some religions but rates of the procedure have dropped in recent years. Many people say that the procedure helps reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections – which can cause kidney issues in later

Joey Jordison dead – Inside the ‘curse of Slipknot’ with tragic deaths, drug overdoses and horror knife fights

SLIPKNOT rocker Joey Jordison’s early death marks another tragic episode in the history of his hell-raising former band. The drummer left the heavy metal group in 2013 after his diagnosis with transverse myelitis, a form of multiple sclerosis. It comes

Chris Whitty video latest – Yob Lewis Hughes, 24, CHARGED with assault of Covid expert after shock footage went viral

POLICE have today charged a sacked estate agent over a video that showed Chris Whitty being manhandled. Lewis Hughes, 23, had taken part in an anti-lockdown rally when he approached England's Chief Medical Officer on Sunday and harassed him with

Miami building collapse – Death toll hits nine as more than 150 people still missing after apartment tower crumbled

THE death toll from the Miami building collapse hit nine as more than 150 people are still missing after the apartment tower crumbled. Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levin Cava confirmed the death toll, which was up from five, in an

Miami building collapse – Grandson of missing couple receiving eerie calls from landline with no one on the other end

THE grandson of a couple missing following the collapse of an apartment block in Miami has been receiving eerie phone calls from the landline inside their sunken condo. Jake Samuelson said he has received at least 16 calls from the