These are the best-paying US cities for nurses in 2021: report

Fox Business Flash top headlines for September 28 Check out what’s clicking on Across the country, nurses who have refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine are facing firings this week, which means hospitals and nursing homes are preparing for

Kudlow: The Taliban are our enemies, not our friends

Kudlow: The Taliban has no interest in helping the US FOX Business host slammed the Taliban and weighed in on the crisis in Afghanistan during his monologue on ‘Kudlow’ Some days it really doesn't pay to read the newspapers. Today,

Salad chains are seeing slow return to pre-pandemic numbers

Fox Business Flash top headlines for August 9 Check out what’s clicking on It turns out, a lot of people didn’t eat healthy during the lockdowns. New research shows that during last year, popular salad chains saw significant declines.

Why Cubas youth are revolting now against the islands dictators

More On: cuba Cuba will face ‘horrific bloodbath’ if Biden doesn’t respond: Rubio Closed border: Cuban and Haitian boat refugees warned against traveling to US Miami mayor urges Biden to consider airstrikes against Cuba’s Communist regime Graham cracks Biden on

The Biden tax hikes are coming into view

There are no tax hikes in the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill President Biden negotiated with some key senators last week. But tax hikes are probably coming all the same. Biden is engaged in political jujitsu with a handful of Senate Republicans