Con artists can easily post scam adverts on Facebook and Google

Con artists can post scam adverts for fake companies and products on Facebook and Google without being detected, Which? finds Which? investigation looked at if two fake ads would be published online Adverts for two fictitious companies were approved by

Leicester can host Crystal Palace at the King Power Stadium

Leicester City given all clear to host Crystal Palace at the King Power Stadium on Saturday after city was placed into its own lockdown amid spike in coronavirus cases Leicester’s lockdown has been extended due to a regional coronavirus flare-up

Creepy, dancing robot dog can be yours for $75,000

Say hello to fi-dough! Boston Dynamics, which created “Spot”— a robot dog which can run, unlock and open doors, pick itself up, operate in a variety of weather and challenging terrain and even dance — is selling its futuristic creation to the public for

When can mobile hairdressers and beauticians go back to work?

MOBILE hairdressers and beauticians fall into a tricky sub-category when it comes to the lockdown rules. With restrictions on entering people's households to cut their hair or for other beauty services, those in the industry could be forced to wait

Judge says doctors can stop life-support treatment for baby

High Court judge says doctors can stop life-support treatment for severely ill eight-week-old boy against his parents’ wishes Mr Justice Hayden ruled that specialists can lawfully stop providing life support The eight-week-old baby had been diagnosed with necrotising enterocolitis Doctors have