Dolphins fired offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea because he was too Patriots

The Dolphins offense wasn’t exactly fearsome last season, but the firing of Chad O’Shea was downright bizarre.

As detailed in the Miami Herald, head coach Brian Flores fired his offensive coordinator after just one season — in the middle of his exit meeting with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

“O’Shea told Fitzpatrick to give him a minute, having no idea that Flores was about to fire him,” the Herald wrote. “When O’Shea came back from that meeting with Flores, O’Shea told Fitzpatrick that he had just been fired, and Fitzpatrick reacted with surprise. O’Shea was blindsided by the news.”

The abrupt ousting went down a day after their season-ending win that robbed the Patriots of their first-round bye.

According to players the Miami Herald spoke with, O’Shea — who served as the Patriots’ wide receivers coach for 10 years — “tried to run plays that were used in New England” with the inexperienced Miami roster, which turned out to be a “s–t show.”

“O’Shea tried to teach an offense that was too complex for a young team,” the Herald wrote. “That teaching/instruction during film study was a ‘disaster.’”

The Dolphins, who were accused of tanking for a higher draft pick last season, were among the youngest NFL rosters last season.

O’Shea’s unit had an abysmal start to the season and averaged 6.5 points through their first four games. They scored 20 points or fewer in six of their first seven games, but averaged 25.4 points through their final nine.

But O’Shea, 47, was hardly the sole culpable party behind their anemic offense in light of the limited quarterbacks — 2018 draft bust Josh Rosen and 37-year-old Fitzpatrick — he had at his disposal.

“The Patriots offense is considered complex, but a player said O’Shea made the situation worse by trying to install especially complicated, advanced elements of the Patriots offense that Tom Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels used,” the Herald wrote. “O’Shea’s difficulty installing an offense that players fully understood — and his inexperience in the job as a first-time coordinator — led Fitzpatrick to take a more active role in running the offense, one player said. Fitzpatrick, with 15 years of NFL experience, had no major issues understanding the offense.”

Flores, who was previously the linebackers coach with the Patriots, hired former Cowboys and Bills head coach Chan Gailey, 68, to replace O’Shea.

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