Wheelchair tennis ace Alcott feared for sex life after watching porn but says he has 'lucked out' in bed with girlfriend

WHEELCHAIR sportsman Dylan Alcott feared for his sex life after watching porn – but says he has 'lucked out' with his girlfriend. Alcott, who plays tennis and basketball, has been with his partner Chantelle Otten, a sexologist, for over two

Kate Middleton’s body language more ‘powerful and genuine’ without William at solo event

Kate Middleton thanks nurses for ‘fantastic’ work Kate Middleton and Prince William have been attending virtual events during the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, a body language expert revealed why Kate appeared different when without her husband. Kate spoke

Iran blames Bitcoin ‘miners’ for massive blackouts as supercomputers suck country’s power dry to create cryptocurrency

IRAN has blamed bitcoin 'miners' for huge power blackouts as supercomputers deplete the country's electricity to create cryptocurrency. The capital Tehran and other cities have been plunged into darkness in recent weeks – causing public outcry and forcing production lines