Brit mum tells how she escaped 'chilling' Madeleine McCann suspect's clutches when he stayed with her parents

A BRIT told how she escaped the clutches of the Madeleine McCann suspect when he stayed with her parents.

Christian B targeted Angie Dawes soon after the girl vanished.

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She said: “It makes me sick to my stomach.

Terrified Angie, then 32, said the German creeped her out after suddenly arriving at her remote Portuguese village.

He began work as a waiter at a restaurant near where her family lived — just a month after Madeleine’s disappearance in 2007.

Angie’s father soon became concerned about his disturbing behaviour — and the serial sex offender’s habit of silently leering at his daughter.

“To think I was around this guy just weeks after Maddie disappeared makes me sick to my stomach.

She recalled: “I met him at my parents’ house. Even though he was polite, on every occasion he was weird.

“He was memorable to look at. The blond hair with striking blue eyes.

“But he would just stare at me in a sleazy way for a minute or two without saying a word and not release his gaze.

“It was bizarre and made me feel very uncomfortable. His eyes chilled me to the bone.” 


Angie, now a mum of one, also said he later tried to track her down on social media.

She shuddered: “To think I was around this guy just weeks after Maddie disappeared makes me sick to my stomach.

“It’s absolutely horrible to be associated with him.

“He even tracked me down on Facebook. I can’t even think about it now without breaking down.

“He would send messages asking me about my family.”

“He even tracked me down on Facebook. I can’t even think about it now without breaking down.

Christian B claimed he was homeless after first meeting Angie’s family in Foral, Silves — around 40 miles from the McCanns’ holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve.

They knew nothing about his history of child sex abuse — as well as the rape and torture of a 72-year-old American woman two years earlier.

But his sleazy manner did not go unnoticed.

Angie recalled: “Dad made a comment about how he must like me.

“It was summer time and I’d be wearing summer clothes. He was enjoying looking at me dressed like that by the way he would just stare me down.

“The situation was stranger because not much was ever said between us.

“He wasn’t very talkative — just, ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you?’. Dad was trying to lighten the mood which the guy had made awkward and intense with his leering.

“I would never let myself be left alone with him. I’d always make sure dad was there.”

She said he later contacted her online, adding: “He messaged but I wasn’t interested.

“I had seen enough to establish there wasn’t something quite right.”

Angie’s disclosures shed new light on Christian B’s movements in the wake of Madeleine’s disappearance.

“I would never let myself be left alone with him. I’d always make sure dad was there.”

Witnesses said he spent a number of weeks in Foral, but locals say police have never quizzed anyone in the area or carried out any searches.

Christian B was introduced to Angie’s family by the manager of the ramshackle restaurant where he worked — a German national known as Titania.

The paedophile insisted on being called Chris by Angie and her family.

He would often park his distinctive VW camper van near their house and sleep in it with his ferocious dog.


The German would do odd jobs in exchange for meals and showers at Angie’s family’s gated £200,000 home.

One one occasion, career criminal Christian B arrived with around 20 solar panels stacked up in his van.

They were worth thousands but Christian B would not say where they had come from.

He tried flogging them to Angie’s family but they guessed they were stolen and declined.

Christian B would eventually confide in Angie’s father about a troubled childhood — including how his own dad would savagely beat him.

He told them he later went to stay with his grandfather — but he died a few years later.

Christian B was already burgling houses and the death kicked off his nomad lifestyle.

He suddenly fled from Germany, a trick he would repeat later in life.

Angie recalled of his stay in 2007: “Later that summer he just disappeared one day — never to be seen again. He left the solar panels in the back garden.”

She was reminded of the weirdo again following last week’s international police appeal.

She said: “His face is all over the news and he’s accused of murdering Maddie. It’s heartbreaking.”

Christian B also traded drugs for sex with young girls at Algarve raves around the time of Madeleine’s disappearance, it was revealed.

A female partygoer recognised him from last week’s media coverage — and his distinctive camper van.

She said he was a familiar face at drug-fuelled bashes in woods near the hippy village of Barao de Sao Joao, a 20-minute drive from Praia da Luz.

The woman said she always thought the blond, blue-eyed pervert was English — and she revealed he hung around with a lookalike accomplice.

She said of Christian B’s sex-for-drugs deals: “It was a sort of payment in kind.

"He gave the girls weed and other things they wanted and in exchange they gave him sex because they didn’t have money to pay for the drugs. That was the way they did things.”

The woman, wearing a mask and speaking anonymously to Portuguese TV, said of his pal: “I thought the other man was a brother or a friend.

He gave the girls weed and other things they wanted and in exchange they gave him sex because they didn’t have money to pay for the drugs

“Both were tall and both were blond-haired.

“One had blue eyes and the other had green eyes. I thought both of them were English until I found out now one was German.

"I always assumed they were English because I always heard them speaking in English.

“I immediately knew the new Madeleine McCann suspect was him when I saw the camper van on TV.

"It was the one he used. The last time I saw him was in 2007 shortly before Madeleine vanished.”

Christian B allegedly confessed to his part in Madeleine’s abduction to a pal while watching a TV report on the 10th anniversary of her disappearance in 2017.

He is currently serving a seven-year sentence in Germany for the 2005 OAP rape.

His criminal record is loaded with 17 convictions including child sex abuse in 1994 when he was just 17.

It also emerged Christian B served two prison terms in Portugal and was freed five months before Madeleine disappeared.

Reports also linked him to an assault in 2016 and sex abuse in 2017 near Silves.

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Jamie Oliver reveals how to make perfect cheese toastie and now we're drooling

Jamie Oliver has blessed us all with his recipe for the perfect cheese toastie, just in time for a quick snack.

The celebrity chef shared a video on his Facebook page, showing him whipping up the meal – to celebrate ‘national cheese day’.

And it looks seriously impressive.

In the Channel 4 clip, the 45-year-old explained that you don’t need to go all out to create the ‘ultimate’ toasted sandwich, instead you just need bread, butter and a selection of different cheeses.

‘We’re not using flashy sourdough bread, we’re using a humble white bloomer,’ he told viewers before slathering slices with butter.

The dad-of-five grated a pile of red leicester and cheddar, piling it on to the buttered bread, before giving it a ‘good squeeze’.

He instructed: ‘We’re going to put it into the pan. You’ll need your frying pan on a low to medium heat.

‘What we want to do is spend about two to three minutes on each side, getting it beautiful and golden.’

While we’d all be happy to stop at the halfway point, with a perfectly lush toastie, Jamie took things a step further, grating an extra layer of cheese around his frying pan.

‘We’re going to take this cheese sandwich, and we’re going to put it bang on top,’ he continued.

‘In the course of a minute and a half, it brings out completely different flavours from the cheese.’

While this was frying away, he sprinkled a tiny helping of cayenne pepper, to give the snack an extra kick.

Taking the whole thing out, he added more cheese before placing the toastie back for one more turn.

‘For perfection in the eating, you’ve got to leave it for two minutes,’ he suggested, before tucking in.

‘Because inside that toastie the cheese is like a billion degrees celsius.

We’re not sure we can wait that two minutes, hun…

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Batch cooking gran reveals how prepping meals in advance saves her £150 a month

A GRAN-of-six has revealed how she now saves up to £150 a month by batch cooking her meals. 

Edinburgh-based Margaret McKinley, who is also a mum of four, said her purse-friendly habit has also improved her waistline and increased her free time.

Margaret, who is in her 50s, told money-saving community that she started to batch cook around 18 months ago. 

She said her then 18-year-old son Connor left school and was taking a year or two out to decide what he wants to do, and was suddenly around the house more often. 

She said: “Because Connor ate meals at school and my husband was on the oil rigs for three weeks in and three weeks off, I never really had to cook much.

"Then when Connor was home all day, I found he was a typical 18-year-old who ate and snacked all day long!

"I also wanted to lose some weight. I am not heavy but I wanted to lose some weight and start eating some proper meals, but if nothing is ready then people just tend to snack and eat all the wrong foods.

“I felt that if I was going to buy ready meals or convenient foods, I would at least make my own.

"I have now found a love for cooking that I never ever had before!”

Margaret said she now spends around four to six hours cooking making at least three days’ worth of meals for her family to go in the fridge and then adds extra meals to the freezer. 

She said: "I have posted my pics on a few social media pages and have always mostly got the same answer from lots of people with young kids – that they never have the time to do it.

“I tell them to make simple things like spag bol sauce for an evening meal, but double it up and keep a batch in the freezer for the next time they are struggling for time or generally just not in the mood to cook.

"I also suggest starting off with homemade soups, and to chop potatoes into chips, parboil them, then put them into containers ready to just add to the oven when needed.

“My other top tips are to chop up any leftover veg and fruit to freeze for another day.”

Margaret stresses that the meals she makes are easy and uncomplicated to cook.

She has even started her own batch cooking Facebook group, Easy Batch Cooking with T, to help others learn her tips and tricks.

Margaret added: “I have four grown up kids and six grandkids, so there is always a big pot of mac and cheese or chicken curry on the go when they come over.

"I cook what I call proper family food – nothing too fancy as my son and husband who is still at home don’t want anything fancy – I save that for my pals!

“So my meals are always simple like lasagne, then it takes 10 minutes to do some garlic bread.

"I do good old mince and tatties, stovies, fish, homemade soups, sausage and mash and more – it's what I call proper family foods.

"I hardly use an oven – my best friends are the slow cooker, my Actifry and the hob.”

Batch cooking has also helped reduce her wastage, as she said she would have normally bought a bag of onions and lemons, use one of each and throw the rest away after a few days.

She explained: “After years of also buying frozen chopped onions, I now buy a bag of onions, chop them up and put them in freezer bags, and do the same with lemons, limes and more.

“Now they are always at hand, especially when I need a wee slice of lemon for my vodka.

"I also wanted to lose some weight, and I find by batch cooking meals and having them ready and portion controlled, it is better than any ready salty pre-packed meals.”

She said her favourite thing of all time to batch cook is breakfasts, sausage, bacon, black pudding and potato scones. 

While they are heating up in the microwave for two minutes, Margaret advised you can also do a fresh egg and toast.

She said: “It's the most simple meal and it still looks good, but I had to learn that you don’t put the bacon in for the whole cooking time or it comes out brick hard, and I also learnt don’t freeze scrambled eggs!

"I have just learnt as I go and it gets easier but the preparation is the key – have a clutter-free kitchen and prep your food!”

We also shared how this savvy mum saves £100 a month by cooking a week’s worth of meals at once.

And here's how to feed the family on just one day’s cooking a week…WITHOUT panic buying.

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How to make a healthy banana bread- including swapping sugar for dates

Is all that lockdown banana bread making your jeans tight? Nutritionist reveals simple swaps for a healthier bake with no butter or refined sugar

  • Nutritionist Mays Al-Ali, from London, revealed recipe for healthy banana bread
  • Suggested swapping flour for a gluten free alternative made from rolled oats
  • Also advised switching refined sugar, with soft and sweet Medjool dates 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Lockdown has seen many Brits try their hand at baking banana bread, with many home bakers whippping up loaves amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

But now nutritionist Mays Al-Ali, from London, has revealed the simple steps you can take to make your sweet treat more nutritionally beneficial. 

Her tips include adding gluten free flour and ditching refined sugar for soft and sweet Medjool dates or coconut sugar. 

She also advised adding apple cider vinegar to help increase digestive enzyme production in the gut, which can help break down our food for digestion.

Here FEMAIL reveals the nutritionist’s top nutritional tips on how you can make your banana bread healthier with a few simple swaps. 

Nutritionist Mays Al-Ali revealed how to make a healthy loaf of banana bread by swapping certain ingredients. Stock image 

Mays Al-Ali’s banana bread recipe 


3 Medium Bananas (make sure they are very brown and spotty!) 

180g gluten-free Rolled Oats, divided (not Instant) blended to make oat flour or you can reduce to 145g and add 35g raw cacao to make chocolate banana bread. 

You can also use half buckwheat flour or almond flour – buckwheat makes it less fluffy and more bread-like. 

35g Coconut Sugar (can halve this or I omit it entirely, adding 5 pitted dates) 

70g cup Nut or Seed Butter

2 tbsp Ground Flax or Ground Chia Seeds + 6 tbsp Water – or 2 eggs if not vegan version 

2 tsp Baking Powder 1 tsp Baking Soda

 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar 

1 tsp Vanilla Extract 1/2 tsp Salt 

1 tbsp organic Ceylon cinnamon (optional)


 1. Add the bananas to the bottom of a medium mixing bowl and mash well, add in the remaining wet ingredients and mix well. 

2. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix until just until incorporated.Do not overmix. The batter will be slightly thick and a few lumps is OK.

2. Pour the batter in a greased 9 x 5 loaf pan and bake for 50 – 55 minutes. Ovens are different, so use your best judgement. 200C is usually ok. You can test for doneness using a toothpick, if it comes out clean, it’s ready.

3. Let the banana bread cool, slice and enjoy.

1. Use a gluten free flour 

The nutritionist suggested swapping out flour for a gluten-free alternative, which is low in glycemic index and of the complex carbohydrate variety.  

Gluten is inflammatory and it’s very common for people to have gluten allergies or intolerance, causing serious digestive discomfort. 

But Mays revealed that pre-made gluten-free flour mixes often have fewer benefits than the natural variants, and suggested swapping these for oat, almond or buckwheat flours.  

These are naturally gluten-free, but are also packed full of complex carbohydrates,  so will help bakers feel fuller for longer.

She also revealed that the flour variants could give some extra flavour to the bake. 

2. Switch dairy for nut butter  

Dairy can also be very inflammatory for some, making it very hard to digest and causing an increase in allergies.

Mays suggested making a dairy-free banana bread, by replacing the butter and milk with a nut or seed butter, calling the switch ‘a winner in my book’.  

But while dairy can be easily replaced, Mays added that eggs are ‘super important’ because they are nutritionally really beneficial. 

Eggs are packed with choline, which is needed to make acetylcholine, the brain neurotransmitter that’s required for healthy memory, thinking and muscle movements.

Mays advised trying to use organic free-range eggs where possible.

But if you are following a vegan diet or want to avoid eggs, you can swap for a flax or chia egg. 

3. Add apple cider vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar can help to increase digestive enzyme production in the gut, which can help break down food for optimum digestion. 

Mays also revealed that the unusual ingredient can help improve the flavour of baking, especially if you’re not using eggs, because it can help the bread rise when combined with the baking powder.

The nutritionist also revealed how bakers should try adding spices such as cinnamon. 

She revealed: ‘Cinnamon is wonderful – not only for flavour, but organic ceylon cinnamon has been known to help balance blood sugars, helping you to stay fuller for longer and help to reduce the incidence of Type 2 diabetes.’

By adding apple cider vinegar it can help to increase digestive enzyme production in the gut, stock image 

4. Ditch refined sugar 

Finally, Mays advised reducing the amount of refined sugar by using a natural alternative.

She said: ‘Ripe bananas have enough sweetness in them, but if you are missing the sweeter bake, add in a few Medjool dates or, if you really need to, coconut sugar.’

Coconut sugar is lower Glycemic Index than regular sugar so will cause a slower spike in insulin and blood sugars. 

She added: ‘Sugar is still sugar in my book so try limiting where possible, but it’s a great option if you can’t.’

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Tracey Cox reveals how to have the hottest 'special occasion' sex

From the Loving Lotus to sideways oral sex and making your partner ‘simmer’ – Tracey Cox reveals the seven secrets to mind-blowing ‘special occasion’ sex

  • British sex expert Tracey Cox reveals the secrets for hot ‘special occasion’ sex
  • Shared tops on how throw some tricks into the mix to have the best sex night
  • Included how to set the scene and advised using candles to create the mood 

Try the Loving Lotus, turn sex on its side, strip and ‘simmer’. Tracey Cox reveals the seven secrets for hot ‘special occasion’ sex.

It’s your anniversary. A milestone birthday. Or you’ve been separated for months and want to make that first night back together something to remember.

I get lots of requests from couples wanting to know how to plan a great sex night for a special occasion without it seeming cliched or too planned.

My first piece of advice is don’t worry about either.

Clichés are clichés for a reason – they work, so people continue do them. Planning requires time and effort and both show you care.

Throw some other tricks into the mix and you have all the essentials for a brilliant sex night.

Stick to these seven rules and you can’t go wrong.

British sex expert Tracey Cox reveals the seven secrets for hot ‘special occasion’ sex for a special evening 


Regardless of what your ‘treat’ is or where you’re planning on doing it, you need to create the right mood.

Stark, harsh lighting is a killer for sex: there’s a reason why candles are so popular.

You could go for more-is-best and put little clusters of different size candles around the room or buy one big, beautiful candle to set the mood.

Add some gourmet treats. An extra special bottle of wine or champagne, posh chocolates or favourite foods.

Make sure the sheets are clean and fresh sheets if you’re in the bedroom, add a sensual feeling blanket or rug if you’re elsewhere.


British sex expert Tracey Cox said setting the scene was paramount 

Much of arousal is driven by what we see – which is why having their partner strip for them remains a top fantasy of both men and women.

Set the scene by leading your partner into the room and tell them to sit still and not move. Exit, put on some music, then return in your chosen outfit.

From there, it’s a case of removing your clothes while observing the four ‘musts’ of stripping.

You’re allowed to touch, they aren’t. Hold eye contact. Touch yourself the way they’re longing to touch you, in the places they want to touch and think the three T’s: tempt, tantalise and tease. Parade around, walk up and down, flirt, flick your hair, gyrate your body.

Once you’ve hyped them up to full arousal…


Few long-term couples take their time over sex: all too often we end up slotting it into a busy schedule and doing it last thing at night.

The biggest gift you can give your partner for special occasion sex is time: the slower things progress the better.

A massage might seem obvious but, done well, its nearly always appreciated. Go all out with fluffy towels and massage oil and touch every inch of your partner’s body, stroking and kneading slowly.

When they’re nicely relaxed but also aroused, change the mood by moving onto some erotic massage.

A great technique for men is ‘spiralling the stalk’.

Hold the base of the penis with one hand and take a firm grip of it with the other. Start at the bottom and slide to the top using a circular, twisting motion as you wind toward the head. Picture a corkscrew – that’s the kind of movement you’re imitating.

Tracey urged couples to slow down and said few long-term couples take their time over sex: all too often we end up slotting it into a busy schedule and doing it last thing at night

When you get to the head of the penis, use the palm of your hand to caress the entire surface and only work upwards.

Stop if he’s losing control: the aim is to ‘simmer’ not boil over.


Move straight from this delicious pampering into your usual old sex routine and position and you might as well not have bothered.

You MUST have some new moves to make the sex stand out.

Is there something your partner has always wanted to do? Have sex outside? Roleplay? Try a tie-up game? Now’s the time to indulge.

Tying your partner’s hands together while you pleasure them (or vice versa) is a quick, easy way to up the ante.

At the very least, try a new position. If you’re wanting romance, try the Loving Lotus.

Get your partner to sit cross-legged and climb onto their lap, facing them, with your legs wrapped around their back. Lift so he can penetrate then put your arms around his neck and grind together.

If it’s adventure you’re after, try The Front Flip.

He sits on the edge of the bed. You sit on his lap but facing away from him. Position yourself so you can move your knees back so they’re resting on the bed beside his hips, then put your hands flat on the floor in front of you.

He holds onto your hips to move you back and forth, you use your hands to push back into him.


Giving pleasure can be equally as arousing as receiving it and after all that effort, it’s your turn to lie back and take.

No special occasion sex is complete without everyone’s favourite sexual activity – oral.

The sex expert revealed how giving pleasure can be equally as arousing as receiving it and after all that effort, it’s your turn to lie back and take

The Kivin Method cleverly transforms standard oral sex into something super special with one simple change: Instead of lying in between your thighs, your partner lies sideways.

Lots of women find the side of the clitoris more sensitive than the ‘top’ with one side often proving more sensitive than the other.

Get your partner to experiment giving it from either side to find your favourite.


Another great way to introduce novelty: explore a new erogenous zone.

Anal play is hugely popular with lots of couples because the anus is packed with highly sensitive nerve endings.

Try inserting a small butt plug, before continuing with foreplay, as usual.

Not your thing? Try one of many couple’s toys, choosing from Velcro-style bondage kits, vibrators you ‘wear’ during intercourse and remote control vibrators that are terrific for teasing.


If you were in a movie, post orgasm you’d both retire to snuggle on a fur rug in front of a raging fire.

Luxuriating in bed, cuddled up, is the next best thing.

The worst: jumping up the second it’s over and reaching for your phone or a remote.

Remember, it’s time, effort and attention that makes a sex session truly memorable.

There’s nothing like basking in the afterglow of great sex – and who knows? Give it ten minutes and you might be ready for round two!

You’ll find Tracey’s new product ranges at Lovehoney and find more advice on making sex special at

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How NYC looters pull off ‘well organized’ scheme to target high-end stores

The looters ransacking luxe stores in Soho appear to be large, rival groups engaged in a “very well-organized looting scheme,” according to a local who has been watching them across several days.

Jarrod Jordan told The Post he has monitored two groups — one of which has a caravan of luxury vehicles including Bentleys and Mercedes — as they prowled the neighborhood and broke into high-end stores amid the chaos of unrest over the police custody death of George Floyd.

“This is a real business. This isn’t angry protesters in any way shape or form,” said Jordan, who is a chief digital officer of a multinational food company.

“This is organized crime happening really, really well.”

He began to walk behind the looters Saturday night, staying up until 3:30 a.m. to figure out what they’re doing and how the operation was organized.

“What I quickly realized is they’re running this four-tier system,” said Jordan, who witnessed looting of stores including Chanel, Prada and Ray Ban.


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How Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Cristiano Ronaldo became the biggest earning sports stars from 1990-2020 – The Sun

IN the past 30 years, the world's leading sports stars have vied for the title of highest earner.

From Tiger Woods in golf to Michael Jordan on the basketball court, they've all made a mint during their era of being the best.

Forbes has put together a brilliant animated timeline that documents the wealth these sporting geniuses have generated while on top of their game over the last three decades.

Let SunSport explain who did it, year-by-year, and how.


It was the year Margaret Thatcher quit as Prime Minister, and in sport there was one man on everybody's lips.

Forget Maggie in the House of Commons, Mike Tyson was the most feared person on the planet.

However, in February of that year he was surprisingly toppled by rank outsider Buster Douglas, which explains why that un-fancied fighter raked in around £21million.

He followed his shock victory with a blockbuster fight against Evander Holyfield and lost the WBA, WBC, IBF, and lineal heavyweight titles.

He earned slightly less than Tyson (around £23million) that year who fought two more fights, knocking out Henry Tillman and Alex Stewart.

Incredibly, Sugar Ray Leonard makes the top three (around £10million) and he didn't even fight in 1990.


By the end of '91, boxers still dominated the sports world – thanks to large purses boosted by pay-per-view events.

It was Evander Holyfield, the WBA, WBC, and IBF heavyweight champ, who was the man to beat – defeating both George Foreman and Bert Cooper to earn big days.

His wealth shot up to £47million.

However, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan was beginning to cement his name in basketball as a huge commodity commercially with brand Air Jordan.

He moved up to third on the list with a £12million fortune.


Formula 1 winner Nigel Mansell soared faster than his Renault racing car – with a £12million fortune in '92.

But despite winning the drivers' championship, he still wasn't worth as much as Brazilian racing god Ayrton Senna (£17million).

It was rising star Jordan though who took top spot – more than doubling his earnings to £28million by the end of the year, as he celebrated regaining the NBA championship with the Bulls.


Towards the tail-end of 1992, Holyfield's reign as boxing's best heavyweight was over after he lost to Riddick Bowe by unanimous decision.

Bowe fought three fights in '93, including two successful defences against Michael Dokes and Jesse Ferguson, before he was beaten by Holyfield in their rematch.

Still, those fights saw him earn a total of £19.5million.

Our own Lennox Lewis, who held the WBC heavyweight title, crept in with £11.5million – thanks to two big wins against Tony Tucker and Frank Bruno.

But it was still Jordan on top with £29million.


The emergence of Shaquille O'Neal in basketball threatened Jordan's crown as the king of the court.

In the 1994-95 season, he led the scoring in the NBA with a 29.3 point scoring average.

His performances made him around £13million – but he was still dwarfed by his rival, who earned almost double.

Other notable entrants included tennis legend Andre Agassi, who won the US Open, with £8.8million and Jack Nicklaus (£11.4million) who won the Senior PGA Tour's version of the Mercedes Championship that year.


It's the return of 'Iron Mike'.

Tyson was out of jail after three years serving a rape conviction and on the comeback trail.

And he unleashed his frustrations after he was uncaged on Peter McNeeley and Buster Mathis Jr, who were both battered as Tyson raked in £33million.

After signing a mega-contract with Dallas Cowboys, Deion Sanders jumped up to fourth on the list with £17.7million.

But everybody still trailed Jordan on £36million.


Football came home, but you'd be hard-pushed to find any footballers on this list… for the moment.

It was the year that Jordan's run of four consecutive years being the highest earner in sport came to an end, even though he became a Hollywood star in Space Jam.

Mike Tyson took the crown again – £58million made in '96 – wining both the WBC and WBA titles against Frank Bruno and Bruce Seldon respectively.

That same year he fought Evander Holyfield for the first time, losing at the MGM Grand, but still earning a huge pay-day.

Michael Schumacher appears in third spot with £26.7million thanks to signing a bumper deal with Ferrari.


By the end of 1997, Jordan has regained his crown with £63million, while Tyson slipped to fourth on the list with £21million.

Tyson's victor Holyfield enjoyed a career resurgence, beating him in a rematch through disqualification (the famous ear-bite) and later Michael Moorer to make £43million.

Oscar De La Hoya retained the WBC and lineal light welterweight titles in 1996, and then defended them five times, most notably against Hector Camacho, to record £31million.


There was just no shifting 'Air Jordan', who once again recorded the highest salary of any sports star at £55million.

However, his shock retirement a month into 1999 had an effect on his future earnings, as you will soon read.

At Ferrari, Schumacher was beginning to turn the Italians into a supreme racing team – earning his £29.9m salary.

While hockey star Sergei Federov was a new entry with £23million starring for the Detroit Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup.


By the late 90s Tiger Woods was hailed as a sporting genius, with predictions that he was going to be the first ever billionaire sportsman.

He followed up his Masters win two years previous to land the PGA Championship for the first time in '99.

His earnings put him marginally second behind Schumacher (£38.7million) with £37 million.

Lennox Lewis, who added Holyfield's WBA, IBF titles, and the vacant IBO heavyweight belt to his WBC, featured in eighth place with £22million.


It was the year F1 star Schumacher won his first drivers' championship with Ferrari – justifying the huge salary the Italians were paying him.

The German earned an incredible £48million, while his nearest rival Woods trailed him by £4million.

Michael Jordan returned to basketball with the Washington Wizards, but not as a player, but an owner – still managing to make £29million.


With no records for 2001, we skip to 2002 – and there's a change at the top.

With Masters and US Open wins in 2002, Woods made an astonishing £55.8million.

Schumacher dropped just behind with £53million.

Now back playing in the NBA with the Wizards, Jordan made £28.2million.

Kobe Bryant was a new entry in the top 10 with £17million after leading the LA Lakers to their second NBA championship in consecutive years.


No stopping Tiger.

Despite no major championship wins in 2003, he was still out on top making more than ever (£63million).

Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez became the youngest ever player to hit 300 home runs in '03, and made the cut in 7th position with £21million.

Michael Jordan, in his final year as a basketball pro aged 40, still managed to make £28million.


The first footballer to make the list is, of course, our very own David Beckham.

A year before, Becks left Manchester United for Real Madrid and it helped him become a global superstar.

He was the 8th highest paid sports star in '04 with earnings of around £22million.

NFL legend Peyton Manning won his second MVP trophy on the spin, making £32million in the process.

However, it was still Woods on top, closely followed by Schumacher.


Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong made his first appearance on the list in '05 – after winning seven Tour de France titles in a row from 1999.

A figure of £22million wasn't too shabby for the American, and he was another new entry in highest earning sports stars, alongside MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi, who earned the same amount.

NFL star Michael Vick made £29million after signing a nine-year contract with Atlanta Falcons.

Woods (£70million) still leads Schumacher though by £21million more in earnings.


It was the year a retired boxing legend made his biggest payday.

Muhammad Ali hadn't fought a professional fight for 25 years, but he was the third highest earning sports star in the world in '06 with £50million.

How? Simple. By selling rights to his name and likeness to entertainment and licensing firm CKX.

Phil Mickelson, who won the Masters and the US Open in '06, also features in fourth sport with £38million.

Yes, you've guessed it, Tiger is out in front though with £73million.


Two years after winning the Ballon d'Or and winning the hearts of Barcelona fans, Ronaldinho's performances were beginning to help him accumulate a solid wage.

He was the 10th highest earner in '07 with £24million.

Kimi Raikkonen, now an F1 World Championship winner, also makes an appearance in fourth spot overtaking Schumacher as motor-racing's highest earner with £31million.

Woods is now at £80million – and is still the top dog.


Brand Beckham goes into overdrive.

At this point in time, the Three Lions legend was in his second year at LA Galaxy – breaking America.

So it's no wonder he's second to Woods (£92million) with £40million.

Roger Federer makes his first appearance in the top 10 – winning the US Open for the fourth time in a row in '08.

LeBron James, then 21, breaks into the list with £30million.


For eight years in a row the Tiger money-making machine showed no signs of slowing.

In '09 earnings had jumped to an unfathomable £89million.

Thanks to an induction into the Naismith Hall of Fame, Jordan enjoyed a spike with £36.4million.

Raikkonen was fractionally behind him with £36million, a year before leaving Formula 1.


The emergence of several new names in the sporting world provided a more refreshing list for 2010.

Boxers Floyd Mayweather (£50.2million) and Manny Pacquiao (£32.4million) entered the fray in second and eighth spot respectively.

NFL stars Eli Manning (£31million) and Terrell Suggs (£29million) also feature.

Tiger's on £85million, down four million from the previous year.


Now, we have three names from football in the top 10.

Cristiano Ronaldo (£31million) and Lionel Messi (£25million) joined the group of high-earners in 7th and 10th spot.

But they still trail Becks on £32.5million in terms of being football's highest earner.

Winning the French Open helped Federer climb up to fourth spot with £37million.


Tiger's stranglehold on top spot after ten years at the top is finally over!

He makes way for Mayweather, who earned £68million after defeating Miguel Cotto to win the WBA (Super) light middleweight title.

And boxing really took over, with Pacquiao right behind him with £49million.

Federer, again, enjoyed a rise with £42 million. It was the year he won his 7th Wimbledon title.


Guess who's back?

Not to be outdone, Woods returned as sports' biggest paid star in 2013 – once he returned to winning ways.

He won the Farmers Insurance Open, the WGC-Cadillac Championship, then the Arnold Palmer Invitational in quick succession.

Sponsors Nike then released an ad to commemorate his return to top of the rankings with the tagline "winning takes care of everything".


It was the year the promising talents of their sport would see their earnings leap.

Fresh from his second Ballon d'Or win on the spin (his third in total at that point), Ronaldo was a runner-up with £64million.

Mayweather was the top contender – with a mega £82million thanks to two blockbusting fight and wins over Argentine Marcos Maidana.

LeBron James returned to Cleveland to play for the Cavs after opting out of his contract with the Miami Heat, which made him £57million richer.

While Rafael Nadal returned to form with a French Open win on his way to a £35million payday.


Billed as the fight of the century, Mayweather and Pacquiao locked horns to earn a fortune in 2015.

Mayweather won the fight and the majority of the purse – a cool £240million that kept him in Bugattis.

But Pacquiao's £127million isn't a bad runners-up prize.

On the opposite side of the scale, Tiger's star was fading – with scandals and injuries contributing to a poor run of form and loss of sponsors. Just £41million this year.


Mayweather retired, Pacquiao turned his hand to politics, which meant both prize fighters dropped out of the top 10.

Ronaldo and Messi were (and still are) dominating the football world, competitively trying to outdo each other to grab the moniker of who was the best.

It was Ronaldo who reclaimed his Ballon d'Or from his Barcelona rival, after winning the Euros with his country, and he topped the rich list.

But just like their talents, there wasn't much in it. Ronaldo made £70million, while the Argentine earned £65million.

Fresh from Australian Open and French Open wins, Novak Djokovic forced his way into the top 10 (sixth spot) with £43million.


Lewis Hamilton makes his first appearance on the list – thanks to winning his third Formula 1 championship in four years.

He netted £35million in motorsport, which isn't too shabby.

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry was also making a name for himself as the three-point king and NBA champ with £37million – aided by a bumper sponsorship deal with Under Armour.

Ronaldo led LeBron by around £5.6million at the top with £75million.

In the NFL, Andrew Luck's contract extension from the previous year with the Colts made him the highest paid player in American football with £36million, which put him sixth position.


Mayweather came out of retirement to put on an exhibition of boxing in a special fight against UFC star Conor McGregor.

Defeating the Irishman, he scored an astonishing £227million – just slightly less than his 2015 fight against Pacquiao.

McGregor, on the other hand, was £79million richer.

A year after becoming the most expensive footballer in the world, PSG star Neymar joined the list with £72million.

But he still trailed behind Messi (£89million) and Ronaldo (86million), who lost their Ballon d'Or crown to Luka Modric.


Thanks to a huge contract signed with streaming service DAZN, Canelo Alvarez found himself in the big league – with £73million to his name in '19.

He also added the IBF middleweight belt to his name after defeating Daniel Jacobs, as well as the WBO light heavyweight title for stopping Sergey Kovalev.

But it was Messi who was the top boy – £102million richer, which is his highest total to date.

It also coincided with him reclaiming the Ballon d'Or.


Today's top earner in sport, incredibly at 38, is Roger Federer – becoming the first tennis player in history to top the list.

His pay-packet of £86million is partly due to the coronavirus pandemic that has halted all major sports.

Both Ronaldo and Messi have seen massive salary cuts, and are down to £85million and £84million respectively.

In 2019, Woods ended an 11-year major trophy drought by winning the Masters in April, so he's £50million wealthier.

While Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins penned a new contract back in March to find himself squeezed into the top 10 with £49million.


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Chloe Ferry boasts about how much weight she’s lost off her legs after shedding two stone – The Sun

CHLOE Ferry has boasted about how much weight she’s lost from her legs after shedding two stone.

Sharing a video on her Instagram stories, the Geordie Shore star posed in a pair of tiny gym shorts as she showed off her slim figure.

She wrote: “Can’t get over how much weight I’ve lost off me legs”.

Chloe, 24, previously revealed that she’s gone from 11 stone seven pounds, to nine stone nine pounds in just 12 months.

She recently opened up about her changing body, revealing two very different photos of herself taken one year apart.

She wrote: "It has taken a lot for me to upload these photos, as you know I'm judged on anything I do.

"A few years ago if anyone had told me where I’d be today I'd have laughed at them. It all started a good few years ago, being put into the spotlight and in the public eye at a very young age.

"Every aspect of my life was commented on – more so than anything else was my appearance.

"I'm a tough person, but waking up every day to comments like: 'You look fat' or 'get a boob job' really start to stick in your head, and it makes you start to think these people are right – I do need a boob job, or I do need to lose weight."

Admitting that she turned to cosmetic operations for a "quick fix", Chloe added: "I wanted a quick fix and turned to surgery thinking all these comments would go over night. This couldn’t have been further from the truth! In fact they increased!

"More fat comments, more about the way I looked. It eventually made me dread posting a photo because of all the trolls out there."

The reality TV favourite then decided to make a "lifestyle choice", switching surgery for the gym and "looking after" her body.

She wrote: "It wasn’t just good for my body, but good for my mind. At this point the negative comments became the driving factor to push me harder.

"Put yourself in my shoes, and imagine opening your Instagram to thousands of comments about being fat. I would not wish this on anyone.

"Now, I’m body confident in my own skin and happy with the way I look, physically and mentally. I’m finally feeling great! If I can do it so can you, and I want to be there to help anyone feeling that they can't."

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Woman reveals how to achieve perfectly sculpted cheekbones using fake tan

A WOMAN has revealed how to achieve perfectly contoured cheekbones using fake tan.

Taking to TikTok user Brittany Bear shared her amazing transformation where she replaces a traditional bronzer with a liquid tan.

Explaining the method she says: “Using a fluffy brush and self-tanner I go ahead and contour my face just like I normally would if I was using makeup.

“I chisel out all the areas I want a bit more definition or just where I want it to look a bit more tanned.

“I even contour my nose because we all know I love for it to look naturally snatched.”

She then sleeps in the tan, washing her face the next morning before applying moisturiser, and that’s “basically it.”

The end result leaves her features looking naturally sculpted until the tan fades meaning that she doesn’t have to contour every morning.

It also means that Brittany can go relatively makeup free in the summer months.

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In other beauty news, this teen revealed the simple tricks to getting a flawless, streak-free tan for under £10.

And a teen's epic fake tan fail left her looking like a ‘walking Dorito’ for two weeks.

Plus this is the £15 ‘liquid gold’ fake tan that you DON’T have to wash off sends beauty fans into a frenzy.

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How Coronavirus Could Affect ‘Drag Race’ Season 13

A regular season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, four episodes of Secret Celebrity Drag Race, and the closely approaching All Stars Season 5 may seem like a lot of drag content for one year. But for true fans, it’s not enough, which is why you’ll be happy to know Drag Race is returning for Season 13.

According to a YouTube announcement from Drag Race‘s production company, World of Wonder, casting for Season 13 opened in December 2019. The same video indicates that casting closed on Jan. 24, 2020, and no further announcements regarding the cast have been made.

The more pressing question is whether or not coronavirus will impact the show’s filming schedule. The regular seasons typically premiere in January and air until early summer. It’s unclear when everything is filmed, but if production is able to resume safely this fall, they should be able to make a January premiere date or only have to bump things back slightly. The Season 12 reunion and finale were filmed virtually, so the production crew knows how to get creative if they have to, though it would be trickier to figure out a way to film lip-syncs and challenges remotely. Ultimately, when Season 12 will air is kind of up in the air until we know more about when filming might be possible.

Until then, you can look forward to All Stars Season 5, which features some of the show’s most legendary queens to date and a lip-sync battle twist. According to the latest season trailer, instead of lip-syncing against a competitor each week, a Ru-elected top "All Star" will go head-to-head with a "mysterious lip-sync assassin," aka one of the franchise’s most talented performers. If the All Star beats the assassin, she gets a $10,000 prize and the ability to send another queen home. See it all play out when All Stars premieres June 5 on VH1 at 8 p.m. ET.

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