More Kids Are Going Hungry Than Ever, Because of COVID-19

Since the moment schools started to close in March, people have been worried about how the coronavirus pandemic will affect low-income children. First, there was the fact that they wouldn’t have easy access to free breakfast and lunch at school.

The Best Video Games Kids & Parents Will Both Want to Play

Yes, parents, we’re setting the record straight: There are benefits for kids who play video games. Like what? Improved coordination and problem-solving skills, to name a couple. Plus, games can even help with ADHD. Of course, studies have also found

Kids allowed out for first time in six weeks in Spain as country’s coronavirus daily death toll drops below 300 – The Sun

CHILDREN in Spain are being allowed outside for the first time in six weeks after the country's daily coronavirus death toll dropped below 300. The country has been one of the hardest-hit by the pandemic in Europe, imposing a nationwide