Five Science-Fiction Movies to Stream Now

Oct. 22, 2021: a date that for many science-fiction fans cannot come fast enough. That is when those of us who don’t attend film festivals will finally be able to watch Denis Villeneuve’s long-awaited “Dune,” either in a theater or

‘Mayday’ Review: Misandry Is the Most Dangerous Game

The dreamy but indistinct fantasy “Mayday” finds its Alice-before-Wonderland in Ana (Grace Van Patten), a server who is terrorized by her superiors and adored by her kitchen colleagues. Ana finds her proverbial rabbit hole when a voice calls from the

Stream These Five International Films Now

‘The Father Who Moves Mountains’ Stream it on Netflix. Following an intelligence officer whose son goes missing on a blizzard-stricken mountain, this slow-burning Romanian film deepens familiar Hollywood templates — a father’s relentless quest to save his child; a battle