Kosher authority weighs-in on Ben & Jerry's Israel controversy

Varney: Ben & Jerry’s Israel boycott is ‘cheap shot’ FOX Business’ Stuart Varney reacts to the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company’s boycott of Israel. Jewish religious groups are hoping to use their muscle, mainly through buying power, to change

TUI sale on green list summer holidays has up to £100 countries like Ibiza, Menorca, Malta & Barbados

TUI is offering up to £100 off summer holidays to destinations on the green and amber lists. Some of the holiday hotspots included are Menorca, Ibiza, Madeira, Porto Santo, Malta, Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Jersey, Gibraltar and Iceland. The offer applies to package

Why Joe Bidens Speech On Gun Control Has Twitter Divided

When President Joe Biden stood before the nation to address gun violence, what viewers took away from that address likely depended on where they sit on the political spectrum. The New York Times reported that the speech addressed a series of