Washington Post Capitalizes 'White' When Referring to Race

Newspaper says many White Europeans who mass migrated to the U.S. “were the targets of racial and ethnic discrimination” The Washington Post has begun capitalizing White when identifying Caucasian persons, saying that many white Europeans who migrated in mass numbers

Celebrities post holiday pictures from paradise while Brits stay home

We’re having the quaran-time of our lives! Celebrities including Amanda Holden and Coleen Rooney post pictures from paradise after jetting off to exotic locations… while holiday hopes are dashed for ordinary Britons Britons headed to Spain and other destinations for

Premiere: Post Truth Serum's "Worms" ft. Tom Hagerman of DeVotchKa

Tom Hagerman is using what he’s got. Stuck at home without gigs for his main band, Denver’s Grammy-nominated DeVotchKa, the multi-instrumentalist and arranger for the Colorado Symphony looked at what was right in front of him. “This is years of shredded-off carcasses

Con artists can easily post scam adverts on Facebook and Google

Con artists can post scam adverts for fake companies and products on Facebook and Google without being detected, Which? finds Which? investigation looked at if two fake ads would be published online Adverts for two fictitious companies were approved by

Retailers post 'steep drop' in sales as they plunge by 37%

Retailers post ‘steep drop’ in sales as they plunge by 37% in the year to June amid coronavirus lockdown while growth in internet purchases rose at fastest rate since 2018 Non-essential shops have now been given the green light to