7 of the Most Useless Movie Remakes Ever Made

For some reason, every time producers in Hollywood make a hit movie, it inevitably inspires a remake. This is partially due to fans demanding more excellent content but let’s be honest — it’s mostly about money. There have been thousands

No, Bill Gates didn’t repeatedly visit Jeffrey Epstein’s island

Viral claims circulating on social media claim that billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has traveled to Jeffrey Epstein’s island multiple times. While Gates and Epstein had met in the past, this claim, based on flight logs recently subpoenaed, is untrue. One

When will Caribbean resorts reopen? – The Sun

MILLIONS of people in the Caribbean have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis. All airports in the region have been shut down and popular resorts, usually crammed this time of year, remain empty. There have been at least

'Outlander': Fans React to the Season 5 Finale

Fans of Outlander are still trying to catch their breaths after everything that occurred in the season 5 finale. A number of major developments took place. Read on to learn how fans reacted to some of the big moments. There