RHOC star Kara Keough reveals her heart has ‘detonated’ on two-month anniversary of newborn son’s death – The Sun

REAL Housewives of Chicago star Kara Keough Bosworth reveals her heart has "detonated" on the two-month anniversary of her newborn son's death.

Bosworth's baby boy, McCoy Casey, tragically passed away on April 12, six days after became stuck in the birth canal during a home birth.

In April, Kara, who is also mother to daughter Decker with husband Kyle, made the heartbreaking announcement of her baby son's passing on Instagram.

She wrote: "On April 6th, our son McCoy Casey Bosworth was born at 3:10am.

"Weighing in at 11 pounds and 4 ounces and spanning 21 inches, McCoy surprised us all with his size and strength (and overall perfection).

"During the course of his birth, he experienced shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord.

"He joined our Heavenly Father and will live forever in the hearts of his loving parents, his adoring sister, and those that received his life-saving gifts."

Following her son's death, Kara then lost her father, Matt Keough, shortly after.

Matt, died at the age of 64, of "pulmonary embolism" nearly 4 weeks after the former reality star's newborn son died during birth.

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Dr Hilary Jones reveals NHS staff 'planning for second coronavirus wave'

Dr Hilary Jones revealed NHS staff are planning for a second wave in the coronavirus pandemic, after lockdown measures were eased.

The government confirmed there were changes to isolation guidance, with the public able to meet with five people from other households – while keeping a two-metre distance.

However, speaking on Good Morning Britain, the health expert explained doctors are ‘alarmed’ that this could result in another spike, after the UK death toll hit nearly 40,000.

‘If I talk to my NHS colleagues, they are very concerned that we’ll see a second wave, in fact they’re planning for a second wave,’ he told Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh.

‘We can mitigate that by being responsible, by taking care, by staying at home as much as possible and working from home. Hand washing, don’t forget that. People are starting to be a bit complacent about that again. 

Visit our live blog for the latest updates: Coronavirus news live

‘Social distancing, still very important. Whilst we’ve seen some easing of lockdown, you can go and meet five other people from different households… A lot of doctors are a bit alarmed by this.’

He continued: ‘When we meet people we’re wanting to see for some time, the instinct is to give them a hug, to get a bit too close, we want to be more intimate with them. And that’s how the virus transmits.

‘The virus doesn’t understand social-distancing, it can travel, and therefore we just have to be vigilant still, be alert.’

Dr Hilary’s words come after he opened up about inflammation on coronavirus patients, explaining that ibuprofen could help the issue.

It was recently revealed that scientists are running a trial on whether the painkiller can help hospital patients who have Covid-19 symptoms.

Speaking on Thursday’s instalment of the ITV show, he told viewers the anti-inflammatories could help ‘suppress’ the inflammation.

‘What we know about Covid-19 is that it’s not just a respiratory illness at all, it affects many organs in the body largely because the lining of blood vessel becomes inflamed,’ he added.

‘When the lining of blood vessels become inflamed, it helps the blood to clot and any deposits already in the arteries can form in patients with Covid-19, and will have very severe consequences. 

‘So an anti-inflammatory could potentially help with that inflammation, and suppress some of the consequences of Covid-19, preventing people from going onto ventilators.’

Good Morning Britain continues on weekdays, at 6am, on ITV.

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Jamie Oliver reveals how to make perfect cheese toastie and now we're drooling

Jamie Oliver has blessed us all with his recipe for the perfect cheese toastie, just in time for a quick snack.

The celebrity chef shared a video on his Facebook page, showing him whipping up the meal – to celebrate ‘national cheese day’.

And it looks seriously impressive.

In the Channel 4 clip, the 45-year-old explained that you don’t need to go all out to create the ‘ultimate’ toasted sandwich, instead you just need bread, butter and a selection of different cheeses.

‘We’re not using flashy sourdough bread, we’re using a humble white bloomer,’ he told viewers before slathering slices with butter.

The dad-of-five grated a pile of red leicester and cheddar, piling it on to the buttered bread, before giving it a ‘good squeeze’.

He instructed: ‘We’re going to put it into the pan. You’ll need your frying pan on a low to medium heat.

‘What we want to do is spend about two to three minutes on each side, getting it beautiful and golden.’

While we’d all be happy to stop at the halfway point, with a perfectly lush toastie, Jamie took things a step further, grating an extra layer of cheese around his frying pan.

‘We’re going to take this cheese sandwich, and we’re going to put it bang on top,’ he continued.

‘In the course of a minute and a half, it brings out completely different flavours from the cheese.’

While this was frying away, he sprinkled a tiny helping of cayenne pepper, to give the snack an extra kick.

Taking the whole thing out, he added more cheese before placing the toastie back for one more turn.

‘For perfection in the eating, you’ve got to leave it for two minutes,’ he suggested, before tucking in.

‘Because inside that toastie the cheese is like a billion degrees celsius.

We’re not sure we can wait that two minutes, hun…

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Batch cooking gran reveals how prepping meals in advance saves her £150 a month

A GRAN-of-six has revealed how she now saves up to £150 a month by batch cooking her meals. 

Edinburgh-based Margaret McKinley, who is also a mum of four, said her purse-friendly habit has also improved her waistline and increased her free time.

Margaret, who is in her 50s, told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk that she started to batch cook around 18 months ago. 

She said her then 18-year-old son Connor left school and was taking a year or two out to decide what he wants to do, and was suddenly around the house more often. 

She said: “Because Connor ate meals at school and my husband was on the oil rigs for three weeks in and three weeks off, I never really had to cook much.

"Then when Connor was home all day, I found he was a typical 18-year-old who ate and snacked all day long!

"I also wanted to lose some weight. I am not heavy but I wanted to lose some weight and start eating some proper meals, but if nothing is ready then people just tend to snack and eat all the wrong foods.

“I felt that if I was going to buy ready meals or convenient foods, I would at least make my own.

"I have now found a love for cooking that I never ever had before!”

Margaret said she now spends around four to six hours cooking making at least three days’ worth of meals for her family to go in the fridge and then adds extra meals to the freezer. 

She said: "I have posted my pics on a few social media pages and have always mostly got the same answer from lots of people with young kids – that they never have the time to do it.

“I tell them to make simple things like spag bol sauce for an evening meal, but double it up and keep a batch in the freezer for the next time they are struggling for time or generally just not in the mood to cook.

"I also suggest starting off with homemade soups, and to chop potatoes into chips, parboil them, then put them into containers ready to just add to the oven when needed.

“My other top tips are to chop up any leftover veg and fruit to freeze for another day.”

Margaret stresses that the meals she makes are easy and uncomplicated to cook.

She has even started her own batch cooking Facebook group, Easy Batch Cooking with T, to help others learn her tips and tricks.

Margaret added: “I have four grown up kids and six grandkids, so there is always a big pot of mac and cheese or chicken curry on the go when they come over.

"I cook what I call proper family food – nothing too fancy as my son and husband who is still at home don’t want anything fancy – I save that for my pals!

“So my meals are always simple like lasagne, then it takes 10 minutes to do some garlic bread.

"I do good old mince and tatties, stovies, fish, homemade soups, sausage and mash and more – it's what I call proper family foods.

"I hardly use an oven – my best friends are the slow cooker, my Actifry and the hob.”

Batch cooking has also helped reduce her wastage, as she said she would have normally bought a bag of onions and lemons, use one of each and throw the rest away after a few days.

She explained: “After years of also buying frozen chopped onions, I now buy a bag of onions, chop them up and put them in freezer bags, and do the same with lemons, limes and more.

“Now they are always at hand, especially when I need a wee slice of lemon for my vodka.

"I also wanted to lose some weight, and I find by batch cooking meals and having them ready and portion controlled, it is better than any ready salty pre-packed meals.”

She said her favourite thing of all time to batch cook is breakfasts, sausage, bacon, black pudding and potato scones. 

While they are heating up in the microwave for two minutes, Margaret advised you can also do a fresh egg and toast.

She said: “It's the most simple meal and it still looks good, but I had to learn that you don’t put the bacon in for the whole cooking time or it comes out brick hard, and I also learnt don’t freeze scrambled eggs!

"I have just learnt as I go and it gets easier but the preparation is the key – have a clutter-free kitchen and prep your food!”

We also shared how this savvy mum saves £100 a month by cooking a week’s worth of meals at once.

And here's how to feed the family on just one day’s cooking a week…WITHOUT panic buying.

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Tracey Cox reveals how to have the hottest 'special occasion' sex

From the Loving Lotus to sideways oral sex and making your partner ‘simmer’ – Tracey Cox reveals the seven secrets to mind-blowing ‘special occasion’ sex

  • British sex expert Tracey Cox reveals the secrets for hot ‘special occasion’ sex
  • Shared tops on how throw some tricks into the mix to have the best sex night
  • Included how to set the scene and advised using candles to create the mood 

Try the Loving Lotus, turn sex on its side, strip and ‘simmer’. Tracey Cox reveals the seven secrets for hot ‘special occasion’ sex.

It’s your anniversary. A milestone birthday. Or you’ve been separated for months and want to make that first night back together something to remember.

I get lots of requests from couples wanting to know how to plan a great sex night for a special occasion without it seeming cliched or too planned.

My first piece of advice is don’t worry about either.

Clichés are clichés for a reason – they work, so people continue do them. Planning requires time and effort and both show you care.

Throw some other tricks into the mix and you have all the essentials for a brilliant sex night.

Stick to these seven rules and you can’t go wrong.

British sex expert Tracey Cox reveals the seven secrets for hot ‘special occasion’ sex for a special evening 


Regardless of what your ‘treat’ is or where you’re planning on doing it, you need to create the right mood.

Stark, harsh lighting is a killer for sex: there’s a reason why candles are so popular.

You could go for more-is-best and put little clusters of different size candles around the room or buy one big, beautiful candle to set the mood.

Add some gourmet treats. An extra special bottle of wine or champagne, posh chocolates or favourite foods.

Make sure the sheets are clean and fresh sheets if you’re in the bedroom, add a sensual feeling blanket or rug if you’re elsewhere.


British sex expert Tracey Cox said setting the scene was paramount 

Much of arousal is driven by what we see – which is why having their partner strip for them remains a top fantasy of both men and women.

Set the scene by leading your partner into the room and tell them to sit still and not move. Exit, put on some music, then return in your chosen outfit.

From there, it’s a case of removing your clothes while observing the four ‘musts’ of stripping.

You’re allowed to touch, they aren’t. Hold eye contact. Touch yourself the way they’re longing to touch you, in the places they want to touch and think the three T’s: tempt, tantalise and tease. Parade around, walk up and down, flirt, flick your hair, gyrate your body.

Once you’ve hyped them up to full arousal…


Few long-term couples take their time over sex: all too often we end up slotting it into a busy schedule and doing it last thing at night.

The biggest gift you can give your partner for special occasion sex is time: the slower things progress the better.

A massage might seem obvious but, done well, its nearly always appreciated. Go all out with fluffy towels and massage oil and touch every inch of your partner’s body, stroking and kneading slowly.

When they’re nicely relaxed but also aroused, change the mood by moving onto some erotic massage.

A great technique for men is ‘spiralling the stalk’.

Hold the base of the penis with one hand and take a firm grip of it with the other. Start at the bottom and slide to the top using a circular, twisting motion as you wind toward the head. Picture a corkscrew – that’s the kind of movement you’re imitating.

Tracey urged couples to slow down and said few long-term couples take their time over sex: all too often we end up slotting it into a busy schedule and doing it last thing at night

When you get to the head of the penis, use the palm of your hand to caress the entire surface and only work upwards.

Stop if he’s losing control: the aim is to ‘simmer’ not boil over.


Move straight from this delicious pampering into your usual old sex routine and position and you might as well not have bothered.

You MUST have some new moves to make the sex stand out.

Is there something your partner has always wanted to do? Have sex outside? Roleplay? Try a tie-up game? Now’s the time to indulge.

Tying your partner’s hands together while you pleasure them (or vice versa) is a quick, easy way to up the ante.

At the very least, try a new position. If you’re wanting romance, try the Loving Lotus.

Get your partner to sit cross-legged and climb onto their lap, facing them, with your legs wrapped around their back. Lift so he can penetrate then put your arms around his neck and grind together.

If it’s adventure you’re after, try The Front Flip.

He sits on the edge of the bed. You sit on his lap but facing away from him. Position yourself so you can move your knees back so they’re resting on the bed beside his hips, then put your hands flat on the floor in front of you.

He holds onto your hips to move you back and forth, you use your hands to push back into him.


Giving pleasure can be equally as arousing as receiving it and after all that effort, it’s your turn to lie back and take.

No special occasion sex is complete without everyone’s favourite sexual activity – oral.

The sex expert revealed how giving pleasure can be equally as arousing as receiving it and after all that effort, it’s your turn to lie back and take

The Kivin Method cleverly transforms standard oral sex into something super special with one simple change: Instead of lying in between your thighs, your partner lies sideways.

Lots of women find the side of the clitoris more sensitive than the ‘top’ with one side often proving more sensitive than the other.

Get your partner to experiment giving it from either side to find your favourite.


Another great way to introduce novelty: explore a new erogenous zone.

Anal play is hugely popular with lots of couples because the anus is packed with highly sensitive nerve endings.

Try inserting a small butt plug, before continuing with foreplay, as usual.

Not your thing? Try one of many couple’s toys, choosing from Velcro-style bondage kits, vibrators you ‘wear’ during intercourse and remote control vibrators that are terrific for teasing.


If you were in a movie, post orgasm you’d both retire to snuggle on a fur rug in front of a raging fire.

Luxuriating in bed, cuddled up, is the next best thing.

The worst: jumping up the second it’s over and reaching for your phone or a remote.

Remember, it’s time, effort and attention that makes a sex session truly memorable.

There’s nothing like basking in the afterglow of great sex – and who knows? Give it ten minutes and you might be ready for round two!

You’ll find Tracey’s new product ranges at Lovehoney and find more advice on making sex special at traceycox.com.

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Adam Rickitt reveals he was suicidal for 17 years as his Hollyoaks character Kyle Kelly prepares to take his own life – The Sun

ADAM Rickitt revealed on Loose Women today that he was suicidal for 17 years as his Hollyoaks character Kyle Kelly prepares to take his own life.

The Channel 4 soap announced the heartbreaking male suicide storyline yesterday and it prompted the actor, 42, to share his battle with mental health that began in his teenage years.

He said: "It's quite out there in the public forum that I had issues with an eating disorder but what I don't think I have spoken about is my issues prior to that.

"For 17 years of my life I was essentially suicidal

"It comes in peaks and waves but a great proportion of my adult life I did spend suicidal."

Adam told the Loose Women panel that his problems with mental health started age 13 and it was a long road to his recovery aged 30.

He went on: "I got to 28 years old. I got a chance to go to New Zealand for work and it was meant to be three months but it turned out to be five years.

"It was the first time in 15 years that I thought there was a chance of me being happy or normal.

"I made a conscious decision that I was going to do something about it.

"I was desperate to go and see someone and wave a magic wand and I would be cured, but that's not how it works."

Hollyoaks viewers know Kyle – who is played by Adam – has been suffering with depression for years and he will tragically take his own life in the lead up to his wedding to Nancy Osbourne.

Hollyoaks will not play out Kyle’s death on screen, but the aftermath of his loss will be explored as Kyle’s friends and family come to terms with the news and the effect the bereavement has on their children and Nancy.

Adam added: “When I first heard about the storyline, I was excited as an actor to be able to portray such a dramatic journey, and pride that the team had entrusted me to do it.

"There was also a sense of personal fear. Like all too many I had to walk a similar path in my lifetime and the idea of revisiting that, even in the world of fiction, was slightly daunting.

"In truth though it became an incredibly empowering experience. The sensitivity and heart that the writers put into the story really shone through, and at a time like now, more than ever, I think we need to be highlighting just this sort of issue.

"As sad as I am to say goodbye to Kyle, I have loved being a part of Hollyoaks. It's been a fantastic show to work on.

"To be able to leave telling a story that is so important and so challenging is more than I could ever have asked for, and like me, I hope viewers will find strength in its telling."

The Hollyoaks cast and producers visited and worked closely with James' Place, a unique centre for emergency male mental health, based in Liverpool, to guide the process for this vital storyline.

Hollyoaks also planned to film a help and support video at the centre, which had to be postponed due to current circumstances. The centre continues to operate and provide support online, via their website – https://www.jamesplace.org.uk/

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M&S reveals post-lockdown stores and new rules for staff and customers

Not just any guidelines: M&S reveals post-lockdown stores and new rules for staff and customers ahead of reopening in two weeks – as data shows 31% rise in shoppers after yesterday’s lockdown easing

  • Marks & Spencer have revealed how their post-lockdown stores will look as Britain begins to leave lockdown
  • The number of shoppers on British streets was 31% higher yesterday than it was on Bank Holiday Monday
  • Britain’s Retail Parks also saw a 12% increase in footfall when compared to the previous Monday
  • There was a 36% increase in the number of people in shopping centres, according to data from Springboard 

Marks & Spencer have revealed how their post-lockdown shops will look when they reopen – as it is revealed the number of shoppers out in UK high streets yesterday was 31 per cent higher than the previous Monday.

Yesterday saw Britain’s coronavirus restrictions partially lifted, with outdoor markets, car showrooms and Ikea furniture stores among those businesses reopening for business. 

Retail analyst Springboard told MailOnline they recorded an increase of shoppers in UK high streets of nearly one third by 5pm on June 1, compared with the bank holiday Monday on May 25.

Britain’s Retail Parks saw a 12 per cent increase from the previous Monday, and a 36 per cent increase in the number of people in shopping centres, according to the data. 

The data comes as pictures from inside M&S Hempstead Valley branch show staff wearing face shields, notices outside the changing rooms saying they have cancelled all bra fitting appointments and social distancing markers on the shop floor.   

Alison Woolgar, customer assistant at Marks and Spencer, Hempstead Valley branch, wears a face shield as works at the soon to be opened clothes branch of the store in Gillingham, Britain, June 1

A notice saying that fitting rooms are closed is seen at Marks and Spencer, Hempstead Valley branch at the soon to be opened clothes branch of the store in Gillingham, June 1,

The number of shoppers out yesterday was 31 per cent higher than the previous Monday as lockdown was eased, new data shows

Social distancing markings are seen at Marks and Spencer, Hempstead Valley branch at the soon to be opened clothes branch of the store in Gillingham, Britain, June 1

M&S have outlined their plans to keep customers safe, including plans for staff to manage people coming in and out of the shops, hand sanitiser on entry and floor markings to keep customers socially distancing. 

Services that require close contact, such as clothes fittings, will not be available, and fitting rooms will stay shut, Drapers reported.  

Cafes will stay closed, but some shops will offer coffee to take away. 

Perspex screens will be installed by the tills and signs will encourage contactless payment. 

Andrew Walmsley, M&S retail operations director, said: ‘Preparation is now well under way for the 15th – from the installation of perspex screens at tills, to putting in new signage. While shopping may feel different, there will still be the same great service and expert advice customers expect of M&S, as well as more digital solutions to supplement the in-store experience – such as our enhanced online bra-fit tool.’

The news comes as Henrietta Brealey, director of policy and strategic relationships at the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, stressed that there were still ‘plenty’ of businesses that are not yet able to operate, particularly those in the hospitality sector 

Ms Brealey told BBC’s Radio 5’s Wake Up to Money her organisation was surveying for its quarterly business report survey, and an early look at results for around 600 businesses shows ‘really stark’ results across cash flow, business confidence, domestic sales, and export sales.

‘We’re seeing lower figures than we even saw at the height of the recession for business on the impact that they’ve had over the last quarter,’ she said.

‘It has been a real big sharp shock to the business community.’

Ms Brealey added that restaurants say putting in social distancing measures would mean they would only be able to serve roughly 20 per cent of the customers they normally would.     

Additional Springboard data shows similar figures for England as for Britain as a whole.

Footfall at English high streets was up 31 per cent; retail parks saw a 12 per cent increase and shpoping centres saw a 36 per cent increase in traffic yesterday, compared to the previous Monday.

Retail analyst Springboard told MailOnline they recorded an increase of shoppers in UK high streets of nearly one third by 5pm yesterday, compared with the bank holiday Monday on May 25 (pictured: Ikea in Belfast, June 1)

For all UK shopping destinations, the increase was 31 per cent. For England, it was 28 per cent.

It comes as fashion retailer Reiss becomes the latest outlet to say it will reopen its first 26 UK stores on June 15.

The company said it is in the latest stage of its phased reopening plans, having already resumed trading in some stores in Europe.

It said it will implement a number of health and safety procedures to help comply with Government guidance, such as restricting the number of customers in stores and limiting access to fitting rooms.

Primark owner Associated British Foods (ABF) said it is working to reopen all its 153 stores in England on June 15, after the Government gave non-essential retailers the go-ahead to welcome customers again. 

Sports Direct is expected to reopen from the same date, with House of Fraser doing the same shortly after.  

But the president of the Association of Directors of Public Health said today that their experts are concerned ministers are lifting the coronavirus lockdown too quickly, saying the Government’s own five tests have not been met.


Fashion retailer Reiss said it will reopen its first 26 UK stores on June 15 after being given the go-ahead to swing open its doors again.

The fast-growing company said it is in the latest stage of its phased reopening plans, having already opened some stores in Europe.

It said it will implement a number of health and safety procedures to help comply with government guidance.

The high street chain said it will restrict the number of customers allowed in stores at any one time and will use clear social distancing markers.

It added that it will limit access to fitting rooms, encouraging customers to try products on at home, with it extending its returns policy to 60 days.

Reiss said it will also reduce its trading hours and provide staff with face masks and disposable gloves.

Christos Angelides, chief executive of Reiss, said the company has been ‘encouraged’ by its first openings in continental Europe and has seen a ‘very positive’ reaction to its new collection.

He said: ‘We have been working on a phased reopening plan for a number of weeks.

‘Reiss stores will be carefully managed, in accordance with the latest health and safety guidelines, to ensure the utmost wellbeing of our staff and customers.

‘We have transferred key learnings from our European teams and customers to ensure a safe, robust and enjoyable experience in the UK.’

The pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to high street retailers already under pressure, with Debenhams, Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston all sliding into administration since the virus hit the UK.

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Mark Jennings reveals amazing life story from adoption to drug addiction, suicide attempts and snorting washing powder – The Sun

MARK JENNINGS looks the picture of health, a young man with the world at his feet.

The former winger was once tipped to be a rugby great but now knows he is lucky to be alive following one of the most astonishing stories you will ever read.

Jennings’ tale starts in Namibia, takes in the Premiership and international rugby stardom before heading to rehab, a hospital bed, a police cell and, finally, the road to recovery.
The 27-year-old was adopted after being taken into care when his Namibian mother could not look after him.

He arrived in England aged three but was picked on at school from the start.

His adoptive mum, herself now divorced, was constantly working so Jennings lacked a solid family footing to turn to so he started binge eating.

From there it was on to nicking booze from the beer cellar after his mum became a landlady, as he battled to mask his misery.

All the while he was being bullied and he gradually moved on to cannabis then cocaine as he buried his feelings of isolation through addictions.

When a PE teacher at school suggested he try rugby aged 13, he proved such a natural he was playing for England Under-16s — two years above his age group — within 12 months.

So when Sale Sharks made him their youngest-ever signing aged just 16 in 2009 and he moved through the international ranks to England U20s, he was living the dream.

Twice I overdosed to try and kill myself. When I woke up in hospital, I had voices in my head saying ‘You can’t even do that’.”

Or so everyone thought.

In reality it was a nightmare. Jennings revealed: “I had never felt I fitted in, that my real mum had given me up but I always put on this mask and hid it through addictions.”

But surely that chance with Sale was the answer? Far from it.

He said: “I tore my bicep against Italy in the Six Nations and was told I’d be out for up to eight months.

“I just couldn’t cope and when I came back I kept getting niggles because I was mentally weak and living so badly.

“When I was playing I was fine but when I was alone it would become very dark instantly. I was living two totally different lifestyles.”

Not even sharing a home with his girlfriend, or the birth of a baby daughter in 2018 could stop the slide and his abuse of tablets, drink and drugs continued.

Jennings added: “Twice I overdosed to try and kill myself. When I woke up in hospital, I had voices in my head saying ‘You can’t even do that’.”

That is when Restart, the official charity of the Rugby Players Association, stepped in and sent him to see a psychiatrist, who got him into a renowned rehab unit in Cape Town.

Jennings said: “I missed my daughter’s first Christmas in 2018 as I was so wrapped up in my own world. And I didn’t really buy into the rehab. I was just ‘Yes’ to everything to get through.”

But he quit, rented a room, and returned to the drink and drugs, ignoring pleas from people trying to get him back to England.

Then Jennings made the decision to return home — but while on one final binge, two “pals” robbed his money and clothes from his room.

All he had was an iPad, his passport and a will to self-destruct.

Jennings snorted anything he could — including a line of washing powder, which gave him a seizure.

His neighbour found him and called an ambulance but, when Jennings woke up, he forced his way out and stumbled back to his room.

He grabbed his passport but had to give his iPad as payment to the one taxi driver who would take him to the airport. It was to be no happy return.

Even though his girlfriend had remained loyal, he was back on the drugs and booze within hours.

And when his birth mother, who he had tracked down on Facebook, broke the news that his father was a man who had raped her in a Namibian squat, Jennings totally flipped.

He downed two bottles of gin, smashed up his flat and the police were called.

By now psychotic, he attacked them and woke up in the cells with no idea why but somehow escaped a prison sentence and ended up with two-years’ probation and community service.

He added: “My girlfriend rightly moved out after that and for 12 months I sat on my a**e doing drugs. I put on three stone and was just really angry with the world.

“I’d been paid out by Sale but that had dried up. I had no money for rent and was going to be homeless.”

But out of the blue salvation arrived, in the shape of old Sharks team-mate Jonny Kennedy who had read about Jennings’ plight when his court case made the papers.

Jonny and his dad, Brian, the former Sale owner who had taken Jennings to the club, suggested he go to local side Wilmslow, where they were involved.

Jennings admitted: “I was sold by the idea there was a few quid in it but it was a heck of a gamble for them and the club to take.

“Then Danny, another of Brian’s sons, heard I was going to be made homeless and Brian put me up in a hotel he owned.”

Jonny had also formed a brain health company with his dad called Neubria and they offered Jennings a job.

They also took him into their house last Christmas — his worst time of the year — and he finally found the self-discipline and determination to get clean.

Jennings has not touched drink or drugs for nearly six months, enjoys a relationship with his daughter and is pals with his ex.

He added: “I know Brian and Jonny took a hell of a risk and have been my family really.

“I have some really good people around me who want me to do well.

“I didn’t know who I was for 27 years and still have dark days but now I have the ammunition to know how to conquer things.”

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Emmerdale star reveals Bob's fury at Wendy

Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) is smitten with Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) in Emmerdale, but he’s set to have his heart broken in the coming episodes, as a series of unfortunate events results in him coming to believe that she’s got feelings for Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) — when it’s actually he who has her heart!

On Manpreet’s (Rebecca Sarker) instruction, Wendy writes a love letter to Bob, but for some reason, the letter ends up in Rishi’s possession — and he comes to believe it was intended for him!

Rishi shows Bob the letter, and he’s devastated — so much so that he ends up leaving Wendy in tears following a heated confrontation.

Speaking about Bob’s fury, actor Tony — who plays Bob — said: ‘He’s feels foolish that he thought he had a chance and is hurt and a bit jealous that it’s one of his mates she’s fallen for.  The fact she’d rather see a married man than him stings too.

‘She asks if he has seen the letter and what he thinks about its contents.  He can’t believe she is being so brazen and blinkered to how he might feel when he has made it obvious, in the past, he’d like to take things further. 

‘He’s also had first-hand experience of how destructive an affair can be and is amazed she is being so flippant about the consequences of a relationship with Rishi, a married man.’

As noted earlier, Wendy becomes incredibly upset following Bob’s hurtful comments, but Bob doesn’t appear to notice too much. As a result, one can’t help but wonder if there is any hope of a future for the two?


Tony said: ‘He just doesn’t want to know.  He’s reeling from the fact he appears to have misjudged her so much.  How could he have got it so wrong? 

‘It’s a bit like the Celebrity Big Brother ‘wrong David’ episode, a real comedy of errors.  Maybe once the dust has settled they might find the truth?  I think they’ll need an intervention from someone though.’

Emmerdale continues Friday 29 May at 7pm on ITV.

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Woman reveals how to achieve perfectly sculpted cheekbones using fake tan

A WOMAN has revealed how to achieve perfectly contoured cheekbones using fake tan.

Taking to TikTok user Brittany Bear shared her amazing transformation where she replaces a traditional bronzer with a liquid tan.

Explaining the method she says: “Using a fluffy brush and self-tanner I go ahead and contour my face just like I normally would if I was using makeup.

“I chisel out all the areas I want a bit more definition or just where I want it to look a bit more tanned.

“I even contour my nose because we all know I love for it to look naturally snatched.”

She then sleeps in the tan, washing her face the next morning before applying moisturiser, and that’s “basically it.”

The end result leaves her features looking naturally sculpted until the tan fades meaning that she doesn’t have to contour every morning.

It also means that Brittany can go relatively makeup free in the summer months.

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In other beauty news, this teen revealed the simple tricks to getting a flawless, streak-free tan for under £10.

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