Flying robots planned for South Korea in four years

If you thought this century wasn’t futuristic enough, buckle up: flying robot taxis. South Korea’s transport ministry are testing an unmanned air taxi service in Seoul, looking to launch as soon as 2025. The Korean government has already tested six

Hilary Swank Trained with Astronauts at NASA for Her New Role Hilary Swank is grateful every day for the ability to tell stories in her craft as an actor. “It’s a gift that I’ve been given, to be a storyteller,” Swank tells PEOPLE in this week's issue. “I couldn’t be

NFL Pro Bowl kicker Aldrick Rosas ‘found bloody & barefoot after fleeing scene of 100 mph crash’ in California – The Sun

NFL Pro Bowl kicker Aldrick Rosas was "found bloody and barefoot after fleeing the scene of a 100mph car crash" in California. The New York Giants player was arrested in connections with the hit-and-run, NBC reported. The 25-year-old was driving