You Are What You Eat viewers seriously distracted by hunky contestant Adam – begging bosses to pass him their numbers

YOU Are What You Eat viewers were left swooning over hunky guest Adam who was seeking comfort in food following a break-up. The 37-year-old sports lecturer was hoping to shed the pounds after becoming reliant on takeaways. The cricket coach told

How long did Louise Woodward spend in jail?

The trial of the 19-year-old Louise Woodward for the murder of Matthew Eappen shocked the world in 1997. The British nanny, who became the centre of a huge media storm and legal battle, was spared life in jail, instead walking

First look at A Very British Scandal

What would the Queen say! Claire Foy reprises the cut glass accent she perfected in The Crown as the VERY promiscuous Duchess of Argyll in first trailer for A Very British Scandal Claire Foy stars as the Duchess of Argyll