Brit mum tells how she escaped 'chilling' Madeleine McCann suspect's clutches when he stayed with her parents

A BRIT told how she escaped the clutches of the Madeleine McCann suspect when he stayed with her parents.

Christian B targeted Angie Dawes soon after the girl vanished.

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She said: “It makes me sick to my stomach.

Terrified Angie, then 32, said the German creeped her out after suddenly arriving at her remote Portuguese village.

He began work as a waiter at a restaurant near where her family lived — just a month after Madeleine’s disappearance in 2007.

Angie’s father soon became concerned about his disturbing behaviour — and the serial sex offender’s habit of silently leering at his daughter.

“To think I was around this guy just weeks after Maddie disappeared makes me sick to my stomach.

She recalled: “I met him at my parents’ house. Even though he was polite, on every occasion he was weird.

“He was memorable to look at. The blond hair with striking blue eyes.

“But he would just stare at me in a sleazy way for a minute or two without saying a word and not release his gaze.

“It was bizarre and made me feel very uncomfortable. His eyes chilled me to the bone.” 


Angie, now a mum of one, also said he later tried to track her down on social media.

She shuddered: “To think I was around this guy just weeks after Maddie disappeared makes me sick to my stomach.

“It’s absolutely horrible to be associated with him.

“He even tracked me down on Facebook. I can’t even think about it now without breaking down.

“He would send messages asking me about my family.”

“He even tracked me down on Facebook. I can’t even think about it now without breaking down.

Christian B claimed he was homeless after first meeting Angie’s family in Foral, Silves — around 40 miles from the McCanns’ holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve.

They knew nothing about his history of child sex abuse — as well as the rape and torture of a 72-year-old American woman two years earlier.

But his sleazy manner did not go unnoticed.

Angie recalled: “Dad made a comment about how he must like me.

“It was summer time and I’d be wearing summer clothes. He was enjoying looking at me dressed like that by the way he would just stare me down.

“The situation was stranger because not much was ever said between us.

“He wasn’t very talkative — just, ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you?’. Dad was trying to lighten the mood which the guy had made awkward and intense with his leering.

“I would never let myself be left alone with him. I’d always make sure dad was there.”

She said he later contacted her online, adding: “He messaged but I wasn’t interested.

“I had seen enough to establish there wasn’t something quite right.”

Angie’s disclosures shed new light on Christian B’s movements in the wake of Madeleine’s disappearance.

“I would never let myself be left alone with him. I’d always make sure dad was there.”

Witnesses said he spent a number of weeks in Foral, but locals say police have never quizzed anyone in the area or carried out any searches.

Christian B was introduced to Angie’s family by the manager of the ramshackle restaurant where he worked — a German national known as Titania.

The paedophile insisted on being called Chris by Angie and her family.

He would often park his distinctive VW camper van near their house and sleep in it with his ferocious dog.


The German would do odd jobs in exchange for meals and showers at Angie’s family’s gated £200,000 home.

One one occasion, career criminal Christian B arrived with around 20 solar panels stacked up in his van.

They were worth thousands but Christian B would not say where they had come from.

He tried flogging them to Angie’s family but they guessed they were stolen and declined.

Christian B would eventually confide in Angie’s father about a troubled childhood — including how his own dad would savagely beat him.

He told them he later went to stay with his grandfather — but he died a few years later.

Christian B was already burgling houses and the death kicked off his nomad lifestyle.

He suddenly fled from Germany, a trick he would repeat later in life.

Angie recalled of his stay in 2007: “Later that summer he just disappeared one day — never to be seen again. He left the solar panels in the back garden.”

She was reminded of the weirdo again following last week’s international police appeal.

She said: “His face is all over the news and he’s accused of murdering Maddie. It’s heartbreaking.”

Christian B also traded drugs for sex with young girls at Algarve raves around the time of Madeleine’s disappearance, it was revealed.

A female partygoer recognised him from last week’s media coverage — and his distinctive camper van.

She said he was a familiar face at drug-fuelled bashes in woods near the hippy village of Barao de Sao Joao, a 20-minute drive from Praia da Luz.

The woman said she always thought the blond, blue-eyed pervert was English — and she revealed he hung around with a lookalike accomplice.

She said of Christian B’s sex-for-drugs deals: “It was a sort of payment in kind.

"He gave the girls weed and other things they wanted and in exchange they gave him sex because they didn’t have money to pay for the drugs. That was the way they did things.”

The woman, wearing a mask and speaking anonymously to Portuguese TV, said of his pal: “I thought the other man was a brother or a friend.

He gave the girls weed and other things they wanted and in exchange they gave him sex because they didn’t have money to pay for the drugs

“Both were tall and both were blond-haired.

“One had blue eyes and the other had green eyes. I thought both of them were English until I found out now one was German.

"I always assumed they were English because I always heard them speaking in English.

“I immediately knew the new Madeleine McCann suspect was him when I saw the camper van on TV.

"It was the one he used. The last time I saw him was in 2007 shortly before Madeleine vanished.”

Christian B allegedly confessed to his part in Madeleine’s abduction to a pal while watching a TV report on the 10th anniversary of her disappearance in 2017.

He is currently serving a seven-year sentence in Germany for the 2005 OAP rape.

His criminal record is loaded with 17 convictions including child sex abuse in 1994 when he was just 17.

It also emerged Christian B served two prison terms in Portugal and was freed five months before Madeleine disappeared.

Reports also linked him to an assault in 2016 and sex abuse in 2017 near Silves.

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Porn star says she was taken off United flight after speech on George Floyd protests

An Australian porn star says she was escorted off a United Airlines flight after she stood up to make an unsolicited speech about the death of George Floyd.

Blonde bombshell Elle Knox, 28 — who has appeared in flicks such as “Bra Busting Lesbians” — was flying from Houston to San Francisco en route to Sydney Tuesday when she rose to her feet and gave a short speech, she recounted in a series of tweets.

“This isn’t my country, I’m an Australian,” she says she told the 300 passengers onboard. “But I’ve noticed your democracy being threatened. Do not be complacent. Decide what side of history you’d like to be on.”

But some travelers “felt threatened,” prompting calls to police — and when the plane landed in San Francisco, she was escorted off the aircraft, she said on Twitter.

Knox claimed she was later told she wasn’t allowed to make “political statements” on the plane, and that she may not be able to board her next flight to Sydney.

“I was told I couldn’t make a political statements on a United Airline, I told them this was a human rights statement,” she wrote on her Twitter account, where she describes herself as an “Aussie Hottie who likes to get naked & travel.”

But a rep for United Airlines insisted law enforcement got involved because the skin-flick star refused a flight attendant’s request for her to sit while the plane was taxiing.

“As the plane landed, she got up and started yelling,” said Frank Benenati, a spokesman for United Airlines. “You can’t stand on an active runway. Nobody can. It’s a safety issue.”

He said the content of Knox’s speech had nothing to do with why she was escorted off the aircraft — and that she later apologized.

“This customer refused to follow strict crewmember instructions about standing up while our flight attendants were in their jump seats and the aircraft was taxiing on the runway,” United Airlines said in a statement.

“Law enforcement involvement was entirely due to the safety and security of the passengers, crew, and the aircraft itself. After speaking with the customer regarding this incident — who later apologized for her actions — she was allowed to continue her journey to Sydney.”

Asked by observers why she didn’t simply go to a protest, Knox claimed she wasn’t able to.

“If I could, I’d be at a protest! But I can’t, so I used my voice where I could. I’d rather do what I did, than stay silent,” she responded to one Twitter user. “I had a chance for 300+ people to hear what I had to say & I took it.”

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Diana Ross wept when she heard daughter's songs from new movie

BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Diana Ross wept when she heard daughter Trace Ellis Ross’ songs from new movie The High Note

Tracee Ellis Ross admits she was ‘so shy, and so afraid’ of singing in public when she was a girl that she went to the headmistress’s office at her Swiss boarding school and begged to be excused from performing in a play.

‘I said I thought it was unfair I was being asked to sing,’ Ross recalled when we chatted about her first starring role in a feature film: playing a superstar diva in The High Note. 

Her character, Grace Davis, enjoys all the trappings that decades at the top have bought her. 

But her career has now reached the point where she’s being offered cushy residencies in Las Vegas….where music icons go to fade into the sunset.

Tracee Ellis Ross (right) was ‘so shy, and so afraid’ of singing in public when she was a girl that she went to the headmistress’s office at her Swiss boarding school and begged to be excused from performing in a play, but is now starring in Hollywood movies. Pictured: With her mother Diana Ross (left) at Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California, in 2019

The movie, which was released on VOD here last week, is fictional, by the way. 

Nothing to do with Tracee’s mother, the incomparable Miss Diana Ross, who was first among equals in The Supremes and a headliner in her own right for more than five decades.

The first time Tracee, 47, remembers singing in public was a few years before the incident at Institut Le Rosey in Rolle. 

She was still in school in New York and entered a talent show and performed an acapella version of Summertime (by Leonard Cohen, not the one from George Gershwin’s Porgy And Bess). 

‘It’s an obscure song of my mom’s,’ she told me, briskly. ‘I don’t even know what album it’s from.’ (As it happens, the track appeared on Diana Ross’s 1987 Red Hot Rhythm And Blues.)

At Le Rosey she performed in The Pirates Of Penzance. ‘I was in the choir,’ she blurted out before I could even ask whether she’d sung one of the featured parts.

Tracee plays Grace Davis, a superstar diva, in The High Note, her first starring role in a feature film. Pictured: Tracee Ellis Ross attends the 51st NAACP Image Awards

Since then, she’s ‘dabbled’ in music — she sang over the opening credits of a tv show back in the Nineties — before landing roles in the hit series Girlfriends and Black-ish (she won a Golden Globe for the latter). 

Impressively, she can still remember the voiceover ditty, and gives me a few bars down the line from her home in Los Angeles (‘Cause I’m a TV girl, I live in your TV!’) before dissolving into giggles. 

‘I had little moments,’ she sighed, ‘and never tried to go beyond that. And then this movie comes along… at age 47!’

Soon, Tracee was in the studio, laying down the tracks she would perform as Grace Davis. In the film, Dakota Johnson plays Maggie, Grace’s smart assistant who knows the background to every one of her boss’s hits.

Strangely, given that her mother was the Queen of Motown, Tracee had little clue as to how a recording studio operated.

‘I knew where the mic was, but I didn’t know what the controls were for. For Christ’s sake, doesn’t someone just press the red button?!’ she joked, adding that she didn’t spend much time in the studio when she was a kid.

She has friends and siblings who are recording artists, ‘and obviously my mother’. But it wasn’t her scene. 

‘My mom recorded while we were sleeping, so she could be available when we were awake,’ she told me. ‘So, I didn’t get to sit and sleep in a recording studio.

‘We had a very regular life and my mom was there for dinner time, and to put us to bed, and to wake us up in the morning. She would record while we were sleeping.

‘Singing in a studio was all new to me,’ she said, possibly sneaking in a reference to a song called New To Me, which is the single from The High Note soundtrack. 

Tracee performs six numbers on it and despite her reluctance to get into the music world, boy can she sing.

She shares one track, Like I Do, with the superb up-and-coming actor Kelvin Harrison Jr., who plays a significant role in the lives of both Grace and her PA.

Tracee remembers singing in public for the first time a few years beforeInstitut Le Rosey in Rolle, Switzerland, when she was in New York and entered a talent show. Pictured: Tracee with Anthony Anderson at PaleyFest NY in New York last year

I watched the film twice before interviewing Tracee. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a bit of glossy, fluffy fun. 

Yet it’s underpinned by a screenplay that demands to know why women in show business (and other walks of life, too) are often dismissed as has-beens by the time they reach middle age.

‘Yes, it’s about the music industry,’ Tracee noted, ‘but it’s so identifiable on a personal level.

‘There’s no phase of your life where you should stop pursuing what you love,’ she said, when I asked about Grace being slighted by chauvinistic male music chiefs. 

‘We so often decide that these larger-than-life characters, like Grace, are not human.’ Indeed; and Tracee’s own personal situation imbues her portrait of the diva with a level of authenticity.

More from Baz Bamigboye for the Daily Mail…

In the film, Grace and Maggie share an encyclopaedic knowledge of pop music. I assumed that Tracee would have had musicology in her blood, too. 

‘Absolutely not, sir!’ she responded, so emphatically that we both laughed loudly, startling animals on both sides of the Atlantic.

‘My deep well of knowledge is in other areas,’ she said solemnly. (She studied drama at Ivy League college Brown.)

I already know, first-hand, of her deep interest in politics. We met at a lunch in Hollywood just before Trump’s inauguration and had a long conversation about what his occupation of the White House might lead to.

Right now, sadly, we’re witnessing some of the things we talked about.

I wondered aloud if her lack of interest in the music world was, consciously or subconsciously, a reaction to her mother’s global fame. ‘I don’t know,’ she replied, adding: ‘I’m sure that’s a good one for a therapy session.’

Her mother hadn’t seen The High Note at the time of our conversation but during production last year Tracee played her some demo tracks of her singing.

‘I picked her up and we sat in my car. We were holding hands and crying as the songs played,’ she told me. ‘It was a special moment.’

And now, Tracee Ellis Ross wants to make more music — but as herself, not a character in a movie. ‘I would love to dive in and find producers to help me find what the Tracee sound is,’ she said. ‘I have some ideas!’ I bet she does.

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Scarlett Moffatt says she is learning ‘not to cringe looking in the mirror’ and gives herself compliments – The Sun

SCARLETT Moffatt says she is learning "not to cringe looking in the mirror" and insists on giving herself compliments after struggling with her body image.

The 30-year-old shared a snap of her make-up free and dressed in a towel ready to tan herself, before revealing the transformation picture.

She said: "What type of body can have body confidence… ANY!!

"I’ve learnt to not cringe at myself in the mirror when I think I look nice now.,

"I’m giving myself compliments today. Especially on my tan."

Scarlett was promoting 20 per cent off 10 Second Tan as she opened up about her self-confidence.

In 2016 Scarlett slimmed down to a size eight, dropping six dress sizes and three stone in weight.

She admitted the gruelling gym workouts were too time consuming to keep up and she has since embraced a curvier figure.

Last year she took a stand against online bullies who targeted her during an appearance on Love Island Aftersun.

Just before the New Year she told fans she was going to make healthier choices when it comes to food and alcohol in 2020.

And earlier this year Scarlett told The Sun Online she is  still striving to be more confident in herself and doesn't always feel great when she looks in the mirror.

She said: "I feel I’d be lying to you now if I said 'wow, I feel great when I look in the mirror.' Because some days I do and then other days I have a bit of a down day, but I feel that’s every woman."

The telly star boasts two million followers on Instagram and feels her online popularity means there's a constant focus on her appearance and in turn, nasty comments.

She continues: "I feel it’s probably emphasised because people can read about it, or I have a few more followers than other people so I get a little bit more negativity."

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Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd hits Sainsbury’s in £41k supercar wearing Micky Mouse T-shirt – The Sun

JACK P Shepherd took his £41,000 supercar for a spin to pick up some essentials from his local Sainsbury's.

The Coronation Street actor rocked a Mickey Mouse T-shirt as he got out of his sleek Mustang in Manchester.

He completed the look with black skinny jeans, Converse trainers and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The 32-year-old didn't seem to be in the mood for a big shop, leaving the supermarket with just one bag.

Jack, who plays David Platt on Corrie, went solo for the casual outing.

There was no sign of his girlfriend Hanni, who he is isolating with in a lavish flat in Manchester.

Jack and Hanni began dating in December 2017, following his split from fiancee Lauren Shippey after 15 years together.

The actor has three children – Nyla and Reuben with Lauren and Greyson from a fling.

Jack's been keeping his kids entertained in lockdown in various ways – including with a giant Taj Mahal model.

The soap star spent 21 hours building the impressive structure out of 6,000 Lego pieces.

He showed off the final product alongside a snap of his "fairly tanned arm" and his crooked little finger – an injury from building the model.

Jack also proudly posted snaps of the finished product, writing: "Taj Mahal, finished, 5923 pieces, time taken 21 hours.

"Not that difficult to build just time consuming…. *obviously Jack, you moron* @lego."

The actor has been keeping busy with a series of amusing videos in lockdown, recreating the Prime Minister's dance in Love Actually and morphing into Hugh Jackman for a Wolverine scene.

He also stripped down to his pants for a remake of Tom Cruise's dance in Risky Business – which he joked almost led to him and Hanni breaking up.




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Nurse reveals she fell pregnant with triplets during pandemic

NHS nurse who battled fertility issues after being diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager discovers she is pregnant with triplets during lockdown after defying the odds to conceive without IVF

  • Nurse Shannon Steele, 29, from Ipswich, has polycystic ovary syndrome 
  • She had always dreamed of being  a mother, trying for a baby for several years
  • ‘Totally overwhelmed’ when she found out she was expecting triplets in March 
  • Has barely gone out during pandemic and said she found the isolation ‘tough’ 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A nurse who battled fertility issues for years has revealed her joy after falling pregnant with triplets during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shannon Steele, 29, from Ipswich, had long dreamed of becoming a mother when she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome when she was 15, and thyroid condition about three years ago. 

She and her husband Matthew, 35, tried for several years and were contemplating IVF when they finally falling pregnant in March. 

The nurse, who works for Orchard Medical Practice, admitted they were ‘totally overwhelmed’ when they heard she would be having triplets. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Shannon said it had been ‘tough’ being separated from friends and family during her pregnancy, explaining: ‘It’s hard not being able to share our pregnancy with friends and family or to do things as a married couple before the babies arrive.’

Shannon Steele, 29, from Ipswich, and her husband Matthew, 35, were ‘totally overwhelmed’ when they fell pregnant with triplets in March of this year 

Shannon, who is documenting her pregnancy journey on @OurTripletJourney revealed: ‘I was 15 when I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, so at the time it was more of a relief to know what was going on with my body.

‘None of the doctors approached the subject of fertility issues with me at that age. 

‘It wasn’t until I was around 18ish years old that I began realise I may have struggles.’

She added: ‘I’ve always wanted to be a mother – I think being a nurse has a lot of ‘mothering’ qualities.’

The mother-to-be revealed how she and her husband tried for ‘years’ to have children and said each pregnancy test she had taken was ‘so painful’ 

Shannon said she and her husband were ‘totally overwhelmed’ by the news they would be having triplets 

And, when she married husband Matthew two years ago, the couple shared the dream of welcoming children.

She said: ‘We’ve been together for eight years. We’ve got beautiful nieces, so we always knew we wanted to have children of our own.’ 


‘The actual figure depends on what you take as the background chance of a twin pregnancy,’ said Ruwan Wimalasundera, Mrs Cerikci’s consultant at University College London Hospital.

‘Statically it is now 1:50 in the UK but this figure includes the large amount of twins from IVF.

‘Naturally the chance of naturally conceived twins is lower and probably about 1:80. So if you take the 1:50 the chance for triplets is 1:2 million. 

‘If you take 1:80 then the chance is 1:3.2 million.’

The couple ‘officially’ started trying to have children two years ago, with Shannon calling it ‘a long slog.’ 

She explained: ‘It’s not long in the grand scheme of things, and there are plenty of couples out there that have been trying for much longer. 

‘But it’s a long enough slog when you’re constantly taking medications that effect your hormones, and some come with some pretty horrible side effects.’

She admitted that she and her husband were ‘one step away’ from IVF before she took a pregnancy test in March of this year.

Shannon explained: ‘I put off doing a pregnancy test for a while, because I was starting to resent seeing those “not pregnant” words pop up.  Each time is was negative, it was so painful.

‘I finally plucked up the courage on a Sunday morning, at 6am in the morning (first morning wee is the best time to test).’

Shannon was amazed to see that the test was positive, saying: ‘Those words we had been waiting for popped up.

The couple, who got married two years ago, had both dreamed of having children and becoming parents 

The mother-to-be said she took medications that had ‘some pretty horrible side effects’ during her pregnancy journey

‘So naturally I took 3 more tests of different brands and the two pink lines were so strong. 

‘I started sobbing and went into the bedroom and burst in to tears. Matt just assumed it was another failed attempt.’

Meanwhile  Shannon went on to say that Matt was overjoyed when he saw the result, saying: ‘I couldn’t speak so just handed him the tests and he sat bolt upright and just laughed. He laughed for ages.’

And, after their initial joy, the mother-to-be admitted she was particularly shocked to learn she was carrying more than one baby.

What is PCOS? Causes, symptoms and treatment explained…

PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome.

PCOS is a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges.

Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. 

Symptoms include menstrual irregularity, excess hair growth, acne, and obesity.

Fertility may also be affected.

While the exact cause of PCOS isn’t known, insulin resistance caused by a highly refined and processed diet is believed to be one of the biggest triggers.

PCOS can be managed through diet, the contraceptive pill and other oral medications.

Source: Mayo Clinic 

She said: ‘We found out it was triplets at our 7 week early scan that the fertility department at the hospital arranged.’

Calling her consultant ‘the most amazing doctor you’ll ever meet’, Shannon revealed he told her: “Congratulations, I can see them.’

The couple, stunned, asked if they were expecting twins, before the consultant told them it was in fact triplets.  

Shannon said: ‘I couldn’t help the words that came out of my mouth at that point. We were totally overwhelmed and it took a long time to come to terms with having 3 babies.’

Shannon has now been isolating throughout her pregnancy and said she has ‘not been out of the house in weeks’ 

The expectant mother said she was finding it ‘tough’ being pregnant during the pandemic and ‘hard’ not being able to share the pregnancy with friends and family 

She explained that while she had two cousins that had twins, and her great-grandmother was a twin, Matt’s family don’t have any history of twins in the family.

While she has been overjoyed throughout her pregnant, Shannon admitted it had been ‘tough’ to fall pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: ‘I’ve chosen to self isolate and not left the house in weeks, except to go to hospital appointments. 

‘My employer has been absolutely wonderful and had helped to facilitate working from home – not standard practice for a nurse.

Shannon revealed she and her husband are now keeping the babies gender a surprise and said she would use her ‘excitement’ to keep ‘calm and relaxed’

‘It’s hard not being able to share our pregnancy with friends and family or to do things as a married couple before the babies arrive. 

‘I’m not one to buy online, I like to look at things and shop around, so that has been hard. We need to get a bigger car, but unable to look around and find one we like – and time is ticking.’

Meanwhile she added that she and her husband were yet to find out the sexes of the babies, saying: ‘We’re keeping it a surprise.

‘I’ll be having a caesarean section, so I’ll be using the excitement of finding out what we’ve having as a way to keep calm and relaxed.’

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Why Sutton Stracke claims she was demoted on ‘RHOBH’

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” newbie Sutton Stracke almost got a coveted diamond but says she was placed in a “friend role” at the last minute.

The 49-year-old began to film as if she were a main “Housewife,” but says producers ultimately demoted her to part-time after her ex-husband, Christian Stracke, got involved and prohibited filming with their three children.

“My ex-husband just was adamant that they could not film with me and I totally get it,” she told Kate Casey on her podcast, “Reality Life with Kate Casey.” “It was hard. It was a hard blow because, you know, it’s exciting to do. And I wanted also viewers to see me with my kids and me at home. And it’s the softer side, I think, of all of us. When you get to see all of the ladies at home with their kids and their families, it’s kind of like, you know, you don’t they don’t show that much of it. It’s clearly not that interesting. But it’s the soft underbelly of who these women are. And I’m sorry that we can’t see that this season.”

Sutton and Christian tied the knot in 2000 after meeting as teenagers and reconnecting later in life. They divorced three years ago and are parents to daughter Porter and sons Philip and James.

Christian is a managing director at PIMCO, the same investment management firm where “RHOC” star Gina Kirschenheiter’s ex-husband Matthew Kirschenheiter used to work. The company is known for its strict no-media policy, which could be why the Stracke kids are not on the show.

Sutton explained that she still joined the show regardless to give herself a purpose after her divorce, saying: “I needed to be a role model for my daughter. Like come on, get yourself together and start doing something for yourself to make her proud. And actually, my boys, too, they always wanted to know what I did all day. And it was like nothing. Like go to the gym. I don’t know. I didn’t have like a real purpose besides taking care of them. So it’s been fun to watch them watch me and then the show came up at this really opportune time and I think I finally had the guts to do something like this and take a risk.”

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Hairdresser reveals how she has started working again illegally

Hairdresser reveals how she has started working again illegally wearing facemasks and gloves and showering after appointments amid anxiety over soaring debt and mental health

  • A hairdresser has said why she has been flouting coronavirus lockdown rules 
  • ‘Jane’ spoke to This Morning about her economic hardship during the crisis 
  • The hairdresser has seen clients while utilising strict health and safety measures
  • ‘Kate’ a client of Jane, said mental wellbeing is just as important as physical 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A hairdresser has explained why she has been flouting coronavirus lockdown rules to cut clients’ hair as the anonymous worker shared her story on This Morning.

Thousands of hairdressers and barber shops have been forced to close during the coronavirus crisis, leaving business owners in a state of economic limbo. 

‘Jane’, whose real name cannot be revealed, spoke to Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby this morning about her need to get back to work after suffering economic hardship during the coronavirus crisis. 

The hairdresser, who spoke to the two hosts with her back to camera, is one of many business owners who have been hit hard by the pandemic, with her business ground to a halt during the crisis. 

A hairdresser has revealed why she has illegally reopened her salon during lockdown. ‘Jane’ (left) said that her economic hardship is the reason for her blatant flouting of the rules

She said that her reopening of her business was done in order to keep afloat.  

‘To be honest with you I was quite frightened really to do with the debt I am in myself and how we would all survive,’ she said.

‘I’m in debt anyway and it’s very hard to keep on top of things and I thought “how am I going to get through this and keep us all above water?”.’ 

She was joined by client ‘Kate’ (right) who said that she agreed to see Jane because she was feeling anxious and said the contact was beneficial for her mental wellbeing

‘I looked into the universal credit but to be honest, it didn’t touch what I was earning and wouldn’t touch any of my bills or credit card or loan payments, with loans I don’t want to take any more out I’ve been in that situation and I can’t do that again I can’t put my children through that.

‘I thought long and hard about it and I’m very OCD with health and safety and do everything I had to do to visit my home.’

‘Jane’ was joined by client and friend ‘Kate’ on the show, who also had her back to camera. She explained why she went to see her friend for a haircut.   

‘My feeling was that first of all she’s also a friend of mine,’ she said. ‘I was aware of the situation she was in. 

The two women spoke to Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about their flouting of the rules

‘I was feeling low and anxious in lock-down and we spoke about it for a while and decided to take absolutely the best precautions we could.

‘We were both wearing masks and gloves and we showered both of us before and after. I was just sinking lower and lower. My tutoring work had dried up, I couldn’t do anything because I was so anxious and lonely feeling really miserable and after two weeks of talking about it we said we’d take every precaution to take.’

‘Kate’ said that it was important that people’s mental wellbeing was in a good way, with the social distancing measures meaning that people have been unable to meet and interact with friends for some time.  

‘I think mental health in some ways is as important as physical health,’ she added. ‘I was back and feeling a bit more normal she’s also a great friend and I love the company.’

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Mum reveals how she transformed her dingy downstairs toilet for FREE using leftover wallpaper

A MUM has revealed how she transformed her tired downstairs toilet into a chic washroom – and it didn’t cost her a penny.

Taking to the Facebook group, Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK she shared the incredible before and after snaps of the room.

Before the makeover the bathroom was crying out for attention, with the peeling wallpaper and drab carpet in serious need of an update.

But after using leftover wallpaper and scraps of carpet, she has been left with a toilet that Mrs Hinch would be proud of.

Captioning her snaps she said: “Did downstairs toilet.. carpet left over from last year, wallpaper we already had, wooden box given to us.. so just got the accessories.”

She picked up her extra accessories on eBay & B&M to finish the space off.

Fellow group members were seriously impressed, praising her handiwork in the comments.

One wrote: “Beautiful bathroom! So brave having carpet, it does look amazing though!”

“What an improvement. Pleasure to go for a wee” joked another.

A third added: “Looks so lovely years ago we had carpet in our toilet and bathroom growing up! Love it looks beautiful.”


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In other DIY news, this mum revamped her grey kitchen using £10 stick-on tiles from Amazon.

And we told you how a woman has transformed the boring kitchen she's hated for seven years using just paint and new door handles.

We also revealed how a woman transformed her "tiny garden" using bargains from B&M, Amazon, eBay, Aldi and The Range.

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Stacey Solomon admits she ‘feels too scared to go outside anywhere’ amid the coronavirus crisis – The Sun

STACEY Solomon has admitted she’s “scared” to leave the house and fears going anywhere because of coronavirus.

The Loose Women star, 30, told her fellow panellists that she’s wary of going out in public as they discussed the complications that come with social distancing on the ITV show.

Stacey said: “It actually makes me really nervous.

“I am actually scared to go anywhere because I don’t know how to keep the social distancing etiquette.

“I don’t know if it’s because I’ve got really comfortable in my own home but it makes me fear going out.”

Earlier this month, Stacey revealed she’d only left the house three times in seven weeks because of her coronavirus anxiety.

In an honest post on Instagram, Stacey told fans: "I'm off to do our food shop while Joe holds down the fort here.

"I don't know why but I've really struggled to leave the house and do shop runs and stuff.

"I've only done it twice since this all began.

"I get really comfortable at home in my 'safe place' and then feel really anxious to leave.

"But every time I do I realise how important it is to get out (if you can) and do something that you normally used to do and enjoy.

"So I'm going to do it today.

"Thinking of those who can't leave their homes."

In April, the mum of three also revealed she was doing a digital detox to get away from anxiety-inducing news about coronavirus.

Stacey "shoved" her phone in a drawer in an attempt to avoid news about the global pandemic.

She explained: "I'm going to shove my phone in a drawer today and try not to watch any news and spend the day with the boys not as Mrs Mum, the terrible teacher with no answers."

The former X-Factor finalist has been keeping fans amused with her antics in lockdown as she bunkers down with partner and Celebrity Dancing on Ice winner Joe Swash.

The couple are living in Essex with Stacey's sons Zach, Leighton, and their baby son together, Rex.

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