Fauci emails show Wuhan 'Covid leak' lab was given $826k of US taxpayer cash and NOT $600k flip-flopping doc has claimed

ANTHONY Fauci is facing a new wave of criticism after it was revealed the US sent more than $200,000 to the Wuhan lab where some believe the coronavirus is to have been developed. The nation's leading infectious disease expert has

Biden tax plan calculator shows how much YOU can expect to pay under president's new $1.8trillion spending plan

THE Biden Administration has released a new calculator to show how much you can expect to pay under a new sweeping proposal to boost the government-funded social safety net. The American Families Plan, a 10-year initiative with an expected price

The racist trolling of an iCarly star follows a pattern of online abuse against Black women in television, experts say

Laci Mosley, a Black woman, was cast as the character of Harper in the upcoming “iCarly” reboot. She said she received a barrage of hateful, racist comments on social media.  Experts explain how widespread this behavior is, and why it