'Tiger King': Jeff Lowe Says Producers Have Apologized and Begged Him to Come Back

When Netflix premiered Tiger King: Murder Mayhem and Madness in March, it became a phenomenon. Naturally, the streaming service wants a follow-up. Unfortunately, many of the real life subjects were unhappy with the way directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin portrayed them. They had a reunion special hosted by Joel McHale, but a whole second season looks unlikely. Joseph Maldonado-Passage, aka Joe Exotic, is in prison and associates like Carole Baskin and Jeff Lowe have spoken out against the show. 

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Lowe says that the producers of Tiger King are begging him to come back for a second season. He says they’ve apologized profusely. Lowe and his wife Lauren spoke with ET.com on June 2 after courts awarded Baskin Maldonado-Passage’s zoo. The Lowes are moving to a new zoo anyway, and they have other plans besides a second season for Netflix.

The ‘Tiger King’ producers have not lost Jeff Lowe’s phone number

If there is a second season of Tiger King, it could follow all the drama that ensued after Maldonado-Passage went to jail and the first season aired. Lauren and Jeff said people involved in Tiger King still reach out to them to this day. 

“I wouldn’t say it’s Netflix but the producers that do the show have been trying to get in contact with us,” she said. 

The Lowes have just been living their lives through Tiger King and after it aired, including managing their zoos. What Netflix may call season 2 would just be their lives.

“They’ve been labeling it season 2,” Jeff said. “We don’t trust them. We told them we don’t want to participate in any further episodes with them.”

Lauren and Jeff Lowe are planning their own television project

Even if the Lowes trusted the producers of Tiger King, they don’t need to be part of their production anymore. Jeff said they are planning a project of their own, and mentioned the production company The Content Group as a possible partner. 

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“We’re going off and doing something on our own,” he said. “When you sign to do something else, you also sign away a lot of your your ability to do things outside of that contract. So if they want us, they’re going to have to carve something out with Content Group to allow it. I just don’t see us trusting [them].”

‘Tiger King’ still apologizes to the Lowes every day

Jeff and Lauren Lowe have spoken about how Tiger King misrepresented them. In one example, they took a joke out of context to make it look like Jeff was criticizing Lauren. He also said they fed him the lines they wanted him to say. Now, they’re sorry.

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“I could share my phone,” he said. “They text me every single day begging me to trust them again, apologizing to us for doing us wrong and showing us in the light that they showed. They’re so sorry we got death threats and vandalism at the park. Sure, we’d like to finish this story but not on their terms.”

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'Tiger King': Rick Kirkham Opens Up About What Happened With Joe Exotic at ‘That Damn Zoo’

Rick Kirkham is opening up about what it was like to work with Joe Exotic at what he called “that damn zoo.” In a new Investigation Discovery documentary, the former television journalist talks about his experience at the GW Zoo and how it felt to be at the center of the Tiger King storm. 

“This whole Tiger King thing just came out of nowhere,” he says in “The Truth Behind Joe Exotic: The Rick Kirkham Story,” an episode of ID Presents: Nine at 9 that airs June 2 at 9/8c. He called the media circus surrounding the Netflix docuseries “exhausting.” 

“I don’t want to remember being at that zoo,” he says. 

Rick Kirkham says he realized Joe Exotic was not a ‘good guy’ 

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Kirkham, a former tabloid television journalist, explains that he originally teamed up with Exotic to produce his online TV program. But Kirkham’s real goal was to eventually pitch a reality show about the controversial big-cat owner. 

At first, Kirkham was charmed by Exotic. “I liked the guy a lot … he was such a personality and so much fun to be around,” he says. Yet things soon took a dark turn. Kirkham says that he witnessed Exotic do a number of disturbing things, such as giving his employees drugs meant for animals. 

Kirkham also relates how a woman brought a horse to the GW Zoo, with the idea that Exotic would care for the animal. Exotic agree to take the horse, but as soon as she left, Kirkham says he shot the horse and fed it to the tigers.

“I knew right then and there this is not a good guy,” Kirkham says. 

He also says that Exotic was “terrified” of the animals he owned and would only get in the cage with the tigers if they were sedated or too old to do anyone any harm.  

Rick Kirkham and Joe Exotic’s relationship went up in flames 

Kirkham and Exotic eventually fell out over the planned reality TV series. As seen in Tiger King, the trailer with almost all of Kirkham’s footage was destroyed in a fire he says was intentionally set by Exotic.

The blaze was devastating for the filmmaker, who was hoping that a successful reality series would allow him to reboot his career. Kirkham had once been a high-profile reporter for Inside Edition, but that ended due to his drug addiction, an experience documented in the 2006 film TV Junkie.  

Kirkham was so scarred by the experience with Exotic, as well as by a fire at his Texas home, that he decided to leave everything behind, move to a small city in Norway, and marry a woman he barely knew. Now, he works as a journalist for Norweigan news outlet Bodo Nu. He says he’s very happy about where he eventually ended up.

Kirkham says Joe Exotic got what he deserved

The success of Tiger King forced Kirkham to revisit a period of his life that comes with a lot of bad memories, he says. But he adds that his time with Exotic also inspired him to make positive changes in his life. And he says he was happy to see the big-cat owner go to prison for plotting to murder his rival Carole Baskin. 

“I think Joe Exotic got what he deserves,” he says. “I think karma came around and bit Joe Exotic in the a**. He was a very evil man, the man I knew.”

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The Director Of "Tiger King" Has Now Paid Restaurant Staff He Laid Off Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Eric Goode, the wealthy co-director and executive producer of the Netflix documentary series Tiger King and the owner of a vast hospitality group, sent checks Friday to staff he had laid off at one of his New York City restaurants amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Four staffers of Goode’s B Bar and Grill in Manhattan had told BuzzFeed News last month they were pleading for financial help from their former boss, who owns several restaurants and hotels. Some of the staff had worked there for more than 20 years before the sudden termination in late March.

“We made him a lot of money,” Arturo Vasquez, who worked for Goode for 22 years at B Bar, most recently as a chef, told BuzzFeed News at the time. “I was always there. I never missed it. … At the least, leave me with compensation or something to help with this problem we have.”

“They have families, they have children, they have mortgages to pay, and they spent a lot of their life working for B Bar,” Luis Lugo, a former floor manager, told BuzzFeed News at the time. “You’re the director of Tiger King and you own the Jane Hotel and you’re not a small mom-and-pop shop that’s struggling. You’re someone that has the financial resources to make a difference.”

One month after that story, Goode informed staff in a May 12 letter that he “been working to secure financial compensation for everyone displaced by this pandemic.” Under the arrangement, which Goode described “as a start,” all hourly employees who had worked at the restaurant for more than a year would be given one week of averaged pay. Staff who had been there more than five years would be given two weeks’ worth.

Lugo and a server who had worked there for more than four years confirmed to BuzzFeed News they received payments on Friday. For the server, the roughly $300 was welcome, but the server feared that undocumented former colleagues who cannot access unemployment would need more.

“This is too little, too late,” the server said. “This amount of money would have been helpful the week after B Bar closed. I don’t know why it took two months.”

“It was upsetting to see him conduct interviews about Tiger King while we waited in earnest for him to pay us paid time off because of the COVID-19 crisis,” the server said. “I think it was clear he was prioritizing the success and press of Tiger King before the struggles of his longtime employees.”

Goode owns the site of the restaurant in the trendy NoHo neighborhood and last year signed a 99-year ground lease with a development tenant worth almost $60 million.

In his letter to staff, Goode said he “will continue to evaluate all programs to aid future employee assistance.”

Goode did not respond to a request for comment on this story or the previous report.

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‘Tiger King’ fans swarm Joe Exotic’s zoo reopening after coronavirus shutdown

Hundreds flocked this weekend to the reopening of Tiger King Park, the exotic animal zoo that was featured in Netflix’s docu-series “Tiger King” and previously owned by Joe Exotic.

According to the Daily Mail, the Wynnewood, Okla., animal park was given clearance to reopen as long as both workers and visitors followed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s sanitation and social distancing protocols. However, photos taken by Daily Mail show nearly all visitors disobeying the guidelines by not wearing masks and crowding together to get a look at the park’s lions and tigers.

Tiger King Park workers also appeared to neglect rules, including head zookeeper Erik Cowie and the zoo’s new owner Jeff Lowe, who both appear in the Netflix series. In photographs, Cowie appears close to visitors when presenting the animals, while Lowe and his wife Lauren are shown greeting guests as they entered the park.

Cowie and Lowe said they hope Tiger King Park, which was closed for several weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, can be a new start for the now infamous zoo. Both have claimed to witness Exotic’s abusive behavior toward the animals, as well as those working for the park.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Cowie alleges that Exotic killed more than 100 tigers during his time of ownership, once killing five felines in a single day. Cowie added that Exotic often hit the animals, especially cubs, though he was scared of his full-grown cats.

“Several of the big cats would have eaten him alive if given the chance,” Cowie told Daily Mail.

In addition, Lowe has come out with new details about his acquisition of the park from Exotic, claiming that Exotic convinced him to purchase the park after confiding in him that he was HIV positive. In reality, Exotic had another auto immune disease called CVID, which shares a similar genetic code with HIV, but is not transmitted sexually.

“Joe not only told us he was HIV positive on several occasions, but told several other people. He used it to his advantage so he could scam something out of them,” Lowe said. “Netflix wanted you to believe that I stole the zoo from Joe and Joe wants you to believe it as well, [but] he begged me to buy it.”

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Tiger King’s Joe Exotic attacked tiger moms with sticks & fire extinguishers to snatch their babies, ex employee claims – The Sun

TIGER King Joe Exotic and his motley crew of zoo employees used barbaric methods to pry desperate tiger moms away from their babies, an ex-employee has claimed.

Gaylynn Eastwood told how the gang used sticks and fire extinguishers to "smoke" the moms away from their babies, as part of her new Fox Nation show “A Tiger King Investigation".

Speaking to Nancy Grace of Crime Online, she said: “In some instances, they would have to poke and prod [tiger moms].

“I did witness them use fire extinguishers one time to … basically smoke the mom out of the house, away from the baby, you know, because it’s a mom’s instinct to stay with her young when they’re first born.”

“So, you know, you got sticks, you got him firing guns up in the air for the noise,” she said.

The barbaric practice was because the young cats lost all worth past the age of around four months, Ms Eastwood explained.

She said once cubs past a certain age they're "not making money anymore…so they’re shoved up into cages".


Ms Eastwood added that if none of the methods worked, they'd then shoot the mom with a sedative dart and remove the cub themselves.

And it's not the first time the "Tiger King" has been accused of mistreating his animals.

Erik Cowie, the head zookeeper at the GW Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, told DailyMailTV: "Several of the big cats would have eaten him alive if given the chance."

And he suggested Joe didn't spend enough time with the cats "to truly bond with them," noting how one lion "would try to chew through the cage to get at him."

Joe and another zoo worker put down eight tigers in one day, Cowie claimed.

He said: "They euthanized them and had a veterinarian sign off on them with excuses like, they were too old, sick, etc.

"Most of the time a veterinarian wasn't even around when things like that would happen, but he would write it down on a log, so he could be covered in case government inspectors wanted to check his books."

Zoo manager Kelci "Saff" Saffery, whose arm was severed in a tiger attack, as shown on the Netflix docuseries, called Joe an animal abuser who killed tigers for greed, CrimeOnline reported.

When asked if Joe Exotic shot the tigers that had been in cages himself, he confirmed: "Yes, every time."

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Tiger King's Dillon Passage and Joe Exotic Have Discussed an Open Marriage

At the beginning of Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, was in a three-way marriage to John Finlay and Travis Maldanado. However, he and Finlay parted ways in 2014 and in 2017, Maldanado passed away.

A few months later, Maldonado-Passage, now 57, met Dillon Passage.

“He would talk about Travis a lot and then he’d apologize to me and I’m like, ‘No, like there’s no need for you to apologize. You know, this is something that was very traumatic to you and Travis was very special, so I want you to be able to talk to me about how you feel,’” Passage, 24, told Us Weekly exclusively about the beginning of their relationship, noting he was always respectful to that.

However, his relationship with the former zoo owner was very different — mostly because it was just the two of them. Since Maldanado-Passage went to prison — he’s serving 22 years for animal abuse and a murder-for-hire plot to kill Carole Baskin — they’ve had conversations about opening up their marriage.

“He’s like, ‘I don’t want you to be alone. I know how hard it is.’ And I’m just like, ‘You know, I don’t need anybody to do that right now. I’m kind of focusing on me and what life has to throw at me,’” Passage told Us. “I’ve been through a lot. I’m only 24 years old. Nobody ever would have expected that this would happen or that, you know, my life would be this way. But he said, you know, ‘If you ever find somebody that is important to you and you think that you need to move on, I’d be OK with letting you do that.’”

Passage noted that even if he did find someone and moved on, he “wouldn’t just stop talking to Joe” altogether. “He’d still be a part of my daily life.”

The pair married in 2017, and while others raised eyebrows at their 33-year age difference, it never bothered Passage.

“I like older guys! Maybe I have daddy issues, who knows?” he said with a laugh. “Joe was just super down to Earth and he didn’t act like a 55-year-old [when we met]. He had the energy of a 25-year-old. He was fun to be around and that’s really all that mattered to me.”

With reporting by Brody Brown

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Netflix Will Stream a ‘Tiger King’ Special Featuring New Interviews

It’s been several weeks now since Netflix first dropped Tiger King, the seven-part documentary series about an eccentric, polyamorous zookeeper and his years-long feud with a rival animal sanctuary owner. Delivered in a highly bingeable format to a captive audience (literally, I mean where are any of us going right now?), Tiger King was consistently the Number 1 trending show on the streaming platform, as it accrued more viewers who got drawn into the bizarre true story and began to develop their own theories.

And now, as if in answer to our prayers, Netflix is releasing an additional episode of Tiger King.

On April 12, Joel McHale will host The Tiger King & I, an “aftershow” which will catch up with a number of the documentary’s participants to find out how their lives have changed since the filming of the show, and what they make of the ways they have been portrayed.

The Tiger King and I — a Tiger King after show hosted by Joel McHale and featuring brand new interviews with John Reinke, Joshua Dial, John Finlay, Saff, Erik Cowie, Rick Kirkman, and Jeff and Lauren Lowe — will premiere April 12 pic.twitter.com/8fbbNdaiDA

The Tiger King & I will feature new interviews with key figures from the increasingly strange days at G.W. Zoo, including Joe Exotic’s former husband John Finlay, reality TV producer Rick Kirkham, who was accused of burning down the studio, Joe’s campaign manager Joshua Dial, who witnessed the accidental death of Travis Maldonado on camera, and Joe’s late-stage business partner Jeff Lowe, who along with his wife Lauren took over control of the zoo and helped get Joe arrested.

Fans will also be able to catch up with the people who worked with Joe Exotic at the zoo for years: Erik Cowie, John Reinke, Saff Saffery, who lost his arm in an accident on the premises (and was also repeatedly misgendered in the show).

Two notable exceptions who won’t be making appearances are the duo at the warped center of the phenomenon: Carole Baskin, who is not a fan of the show, to put it lightly, and the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, who is currently doing time in prison after being found guilty of paying to have Baskin killed.

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'Tiger King' Fan Ellen Degeneres Thinks There's Only One Good Character On the Show

Ellen Degeneres took a few weeks off from her daytime talk show when California issued stay-at-home orders. While she was in self-isolation, it appears Degeneres watched Tiger King like most Netflix subscribers. Degeneres returned to broadcasting on April 6, recording episodes from her home and interviewing guests on video chat as other talk shows began doing in March. 

On the April 7 episode, Degeneres spoke about Tiger King. Here are her thoughts on the Tiger King phenomenon, including the one character in the whole saga she believes is not a shady character.

Ellen Degeneres is against ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic’s zoo

First things first. No matter how addictive Tiger King is and whatever you think of its participants, Degeneres thinks Joseph Maldonado-Passage’s zoo is wrong. 

“It’s controversial because some people really don’t like it and can’t watch it, because they think it’s disturbing,” Degeneres said. “It’s not great. He’s using the tigers and breeding them to have babies so that people come and pay and pet them and touch them. You shouldn’t be breeding tigers. We don’t need any more tigers in captivity.”

Ellen Degeneres liked the unpredictability of ‘Tiger King’

As Degeneres explained Tiger King to tWitch, who was on video chat, tWitch couldn’t believe he was hearing about music videos and murder. 

“It’s worth watching because you think you’re watching one thing and it goes in so many different places,” Degeneres said. “I’m not saying it’s not disturbing as far as it’s not right what they’re doing to animals. I’m the biggest animal lover and advocate but if you watch it all the way, I’ll just say it ties together very nicely at the end.

Ellen Degeneres defends Kelci Saffery

Andy Lassner actually visited Degeneres’s house for the taping, but stayed outside cleaning her windows. He said he believes the Tiger King theory that Carole Baskin killed her husband.

“It’s not just about a guy who breeds tigers,” Degeneres said. “There are a cast of characters that you can’t even make up. Joe Exotic, I think he’s recorded three albums. He sings in it.”

But when Lassner said there are no good guys in Tiger King, Degeneres thought of one. A tiger bit Kelci Saffery’s arm off. Given the choice to rehab the arm for two years, Saffery chose to amputate it and get back to work.

“I think Saff is good,” Degeneres said. “Saff, the person who lost their arm to the tiger. That’s why Saff is a better employee than you. Saff is a much better employee than you are because Saff went right back to work. Saff was like, ‘I’m not taking time off to figure out how to get another arm. I’m going to go back to work with one arm.’”

She’s getting ‘Tiger King’ fever too

Degeneres’s trademark look is her short cropped hair. As long as she’s staying home, abiding by the state’s effort to flatten the curve, Degeneres worried about missing visits with her hairdresser. She referred to the Tiger King‘s now famous mullet.

“My hair is going to look like Exotic Joe’s [sic] pretty soon,” Degeneres said.

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Tiger Woods shares dinner with girlfriend Erica and kids Sam and Charlie after ex Elin Nordegren debuts son with new man – The Sun

TIGER Woods shared dinner with his girlfriend Erica and kids Sam, 12, and Charlie, 11, after his ex Elin Nordegren debuted her baby son with her hot new man.

The pro golfer, 44, enjoyed some family time as they sat down for dinner while in quarantine.

The sportsman wore a green jacket over a red top as he wrapped his arms round his two kids.

Erica sat in a green tank top, hugging one of the dogs, while son Charlie held the other.

He captioned the pic: "Masters Champions Dinner quarantine style. Nothing better than being with family."

The Masters were rescheduled for the week of November 9 after the April tournament was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year, Tiger won his first Masters since 2005 and his fifth overall. He was filmed celebrating with Erica and his family on the golf course.

Tiger has been dating Erica Herman, 36 – who works as Director of Operations at his Florida restaurant, The Woods Jupiter – since 2017.

This comes after ex-wife Elin debuted her five-month-old son Arthur in an adorable Instagram appearance.

In the sweet snap, Elin, 40, and Jordan Cameron’s son is wearing a gray animal-print onesie as he stares at the camera alongside his baby cousin.

As The Sun exclusively reported, Tiger Woods’ ex-wife and Jordan, 31, filed to change their son’s name from Filip Nordegren Cameron to Arthur Nordegren Cameron on December 5, 2019.

The Sun confirmed a judge approved the name change for Arthur, who was born on October 4, 2019.

Photos surfaced in June 2019 of Elin looking several months pregnant at her son’s flag football game.

Her baby daddy was later revealed to be former NFL player Jordan, who has a son from a previous relationship.

Elin and Jordan showed off their newborn at Charlie’s soccer tournament in October.

According to the court documents, the family is living in Elin’s West Palm Beach mansion, which is currently for sale for $44.5 million.

She used part of her $100 million divorce settlement to purchase the home for $12.25 million in 2011.

Elin and Tiger divorced after he was accused of cheating with at least 120 women in 2009.

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Tiger Woods Shares Rare Photo With Kids and Girlfriend: 'Nothing Better'

Bonding with his brood! Tiger Woods spent an evening with his girlfriend, Erica Herman, and his two kids — and documented their family dinner.

“Masters Champions Dinner quarantine style,” the professional golfer, 44, captioned the rare pic with daughter Sam, 12, and son Charlie, 11, via Instagram on Tuesday, April 7. “Nothing better than being with family.”

In the social media upload, the athlete was all smiles sitting with his son and daughter on either side of him. Herman, 36, brought up the end with their dog by her side.

The How I Play Golf author welcomed Sam and Charlie with his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, in 2007 and 2009, respectively. The former couple divorced in 2010 following Woods’ cheating scandal.

“Having the relationship that I have now with her is fantastic,” the California native told Time magazine of coparenting with the former model, 40, in December 2015. “She’s one of my best friends. We’re able to pick up the phone, and we talk to each other all the time. We both know that the most important things in our lives are our kids. I wish I would have known that back then.”

He went on to tell the outlet, “I’ve taken the initiative with the kids, and told them upfront, ‘Guys, the reason why we’re not in the same house, why we don’t live under the same roof, Mommy and Daddy, is because Daddy made some mistakes.’”

As for Nordegren, Us Weekly confirmed in October 2019 that the Sweden native native and her boyfriend, Jordan Cameron, had welcomed their first child together.

News broke four months earlier that Nordegren was starting a family with the professional football player, 31, when she was spotted rocking a baby bump at Charlie’s flag football game.

“They’re very happy about the pregnancy,” a source told Us exclusively in June 2019. “Elin maintains a low profile and has a normal, boring life. Florida allows her to live that quiet life. I hear she’s surprised that people care this much that she’s pregnant.”

The insider told Us that she and Cameron had started dating a year earlier. As for Woods and Herman, the pair have been a couple since 2017.

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