These TikTok Food Hacks Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Leave it to TikTok to clue Us in to several food hacks that are downright awesome! Sure, the popular app is home to fun dances and Kardashian-focused lip-synching clips, but don’t sleep on the platform’s impressive food-related content that’s bound

TikTok reveals how its video recommendation feed works

TikTok reveals how its ‘For You’ video recommendation feed works as part of a transparency push designed to allay users’ concerns about its alleged links with the Chinese government The Chinese platform explained the algorithm that drop videos into a user’s feed

This TikTok Hack Gave Me The Curls Of My Dreams

ICYMI, there’s a heatless curling technique trending (#robecurls) on TikTok right now where people take the rope from their bath robes and wrap their hair around it, wear it overnight while they sleep, and wake up in the morning to

A video of a nursing student gifting her boyfriend special colorblind glasses has racked up millions of views on TikTok

Halie Dorsa, a nursing student at Becker College, went viral on TikTok after posting a video of her boyfriend, Justin Skapczynski, seeing in full color for the first time. In the clip, the 20-year-old presents Skapczynski with special colorblind glasses