Josh Groban Reveals He Was Diagnosed With ADHD as an Adult

Musician Josh Groban recently learned that the reason he struggled in school was because of undiagnosed ADHD. Groban shared this revelation on actor Justin Long’s Life is Short with Justin Long podcast. Like many children who go undiagnosed, Groban shared

How old was Margaret Thatcher when she became Prime Minister?

NICKNAMED the Iron Lady, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had a remarkable political career. Mrs Thatcher achieved many firsts as leader of Britain. She was the first female Prime Minister, the first leader to win three consecutive terms and the longest-serving PM of

What was Steve Bing's net worth?

STEVE Bing was a film producer, businessman and screenwriter. He is Elizabeth Hurley's ex-husband. He died at around 1pm local time on Monday, June 22, having fallen from the 27th floor of his apartment in Los Angeles. What was Steve

Damian Lillard thought he was getting traded to Knicks

Damian Lillard was nearly a Knick. At least, that’s what the Trail Blazers All-Star point guard believes. “I thought I was headed there a few years ago; I was hearing trade rumors,” Lillard said in an interview with Vanity Fair.