Why you might want to wear a face shield instead of a mask

We know why face masks are needed. CDC guidelines say they are critical in places where social distancing is difficult. Face coverings are meant to stem the spread of COVID-19, particularly in cases where you, or someone you know could

Wear a face mask on public transport or in shops, new guidance says

Wear a face mask on public transport or in shops where you can’t social distance, new guidance tells Britons after Boris Johnson eases lockdown Government says coverings will help people avoid transmitting disease to others Official advice says homemade cloth

Mike Pence DOES wear mask on visit to ventilator facility after second lady said he ‘was unaware of Mayo Clinic policy’ – The Sun

VICE President Mike Pence donned a face mask as he toured a ventilator production facility on Thursday – just days after coming under fire for not wearing one at the Mayo Clinic. Pence wore the covering as he visited a

You SHOULD wear face masks to protect against coronavirus – after experts said they don’t work – The Sun

BRITS could soon be ordered to wear a face mask in public after new evidence prompted officials to consider a major U-turn. World Health Organisation advisors will today examine research that suggests their wider use does help to combat coronavirus.