What Luke Bryan’s For a Boat is really about

In many ways, the music of Luke Bryan hasn’t changed much from his Doin’ My Thing days in 2009. But his newest album, Born Here Live Here Die Here, feels more of-the-times, even if that wasn’t the initial intention. In

Where is Beirut and what is the latest in Lebanon?

LEBANON'S capital was devastated by an explosion in the port area of the city on August 4, killing hundreds and injuring thousands. But where is Beirut and what is the latest in Lebanon? Here is everything you'll need to know…

Say What? Here's Why Raven Gates Doesn't Use Deodorant

Raven Gates, 29, is going to be the best-smelling bride around, that is, when she finally gets to say “yes” to forever with fiancé Adam Gottschalk. ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ Engagement Rings Through the Years The Bachelor in Paradise alum had

What Susan Boyle dropped from her diet to get fit

You’d be hard pressed to find a reality star as beloved as Susan Boyle. And yet, the Scottish singer who came to fame on Britain’s Got Talent, shocking resident meanie Simon Cowell into submission with her generous pipes, isn’t the

What is a grand jury?

SCOTUS pauses Mueller investigation’s grand jury release date Attorney Robert Ray provides insight into Congress being denied access to the Mueller investigation’s grand jury testimony as the Supreme Court decides to hear its appeal. A grand jury is a group