What ethnicity is Bella Hadid?

SUPERMODEL Bella Hadid attended a New York Palestinian demonstration on May 15, 2021. The popular 24-year-old was seen carrying a Palestinian flag, but what is her ethnicity? Here’s what we know. What ethnicity is Bella Hadid? Bella Hadid is a

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What was the 2009 Al-Sweady Inquiry?

IN 2009, a controversial inquiry was ordered in response todamning accusations about British soldiers in Iraq. The costly Al-Sweady Inquiry investigated what turned out to be false allegations of unlawful killing and ill treatment of Iraqi nationals by British soldiers. What

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SPIDER-man spin-off Venom puts one of the universe's top antagonists at the heart of his own story. The action-packed blockbuster stars Tom Hardy as daring journalist Eddie Brock. Here's everything you need to know about the movie… What is Venom

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If you don’t know Beanie Feldstein yet, you should – and you’ll get plenty of chances to do so in the near future. The insanely talented actress appeared in several TV series before capturing public attention in 2017 as Minnie