Builders who left residents £500,000 in debt after ‘trashing’ lofts are NOT ‘bullies’ & will get jobs done ‘eventually’

BUILDERS who left residents £500,000 in debt after "trashing" lofts have insisted they are NOT bullies and say they will get their jobs done eventually. A group of homeowners claim they lost a combined sum of £500,000 to Trelawny Roofing

Who was Will Young's twin brother Rupert?

RUPERT Young, the twin brother of UK singer Will, has died aged 41. Rupert had suffered from depression and alcoholism throughout his life. Who was Rupert Young? Rupert was the twin of Will Young, born ten minutes after his brother.

Who plays Sylvie in Emily in Paris?

Emily in Paris season one premiered on Netflix October 2, 2020 and although the internet wants to hate it, they also can't stop watching it. The rom-com-lite series is led by Lily Collins but who plays frosty mean boss Sylvie

Who is NeNe Leakes's boyfriend Nyonisela Sioh?

TELEVISION star Nene Leakes has found new love with her boyfriend, Nyonisela Sioh. Following the passing of her husband, Gregg Leakes, back in September of 2021 due to colon cancer, Nene's love life is making headlines again. Who is Nene

Warning issued over ‘Who Want Smoke’ TikTok challenge as '50 students suspended for pretending to hold guns in school'

SCHOOL officials have issued a warning over a ‘Who Want Smoke’ TikTok challenge after more than 50 students were reportedly suspended for pretending to hold guns in school. Students in at least two schools in separate states have made headlines

Who is Amanda Staveley?

AMANDA Staveley is a British businesswoman who had a key role in the Saudi-Arabia consortium buyout of Newcastle United. Staveley has strong Middle Eastern connections and been involved with the purchase of Manchester City and a large investment in Barclays