The companion plant you’re missing in your garden

It’s been a bumpy ride for the zinnia. Like dahlias and red hot pokers, the flower’s popularity has waxed and waned since its mid-20th-century heyday. But peruse any nursery catalogue and you will see we are entering an up phase.

You're on littercam! A high-tech way to catch culprits

Look out, louts – you’re on littercam! Rubbish thrown from vehicles spoils our countryside and costs £850m a year to clean up. Now there’s a high-tech way to catch the culprits red-handed LitterCam can identify any car the moment litter

You’re probably not washing your pyjamas enough & leaving it too long could be making EVERYTHING in your wardrobe dirty

EVEN though it feels like we spend all-day, everyday doing laundry, we hardly ever seem to make a dent in the washing basket. So it's hardly surprising that we don't wash our PJs all that often – even though we

This Is Why You’re Sweating So Much While Working Out

For some, exercising is a year-round commitment that often brings a few muscle aches, diets, and lost pounds while sweating it all out. But if you ever thought that more sweat meant you worked harder, you, wise reader, are mistaken. CNN